Melanie Basantis

Engineering Outreach Director



B.S. Industrial Engineering, Penn State

B.S. Business Management, Penn State

MBA Widener University, 1991

The Boeing Company - 15 years

Ms. Melanie Basantis earned her MBA from Widener University and dual Bachelors of Science degrees in Industrial Engineering and Business Management from The Pennsylvania State University. Ms. Basantis spent 15 years in industry at the Boeing Company working as an Engineer on projects related to defense aircraft including the V-22 Osprey and the CH-46 and Ch47 tandem rotor helicopters. Holding increasingly responsible positions, Ms. Basantis became a Composite Manager on the 757 and 767 commercial aircraft programs to gain exposure to the commercial business side and Fortune 500 management. Ms. Basantis has experience in the development and implementation of new and innovative technologies in the manufacturing processes associated with revolutionary new assembly methods and concepts for aircraft applications. She is experienced in the utilization of lean manufacturing, total quality assurance, and ISO concepts and specifications in the implementation of these processes.

As Engineering Outreach Director at the Henry M. Rowan College of Engineering, Ms. Basantis collaborates with industry on initiatives that include, but not limited to professionalism, internship experience, job placement, student development and enrichment, as well as concentrated faculty research. Ms. Basantis provides leadership to the College's STEM initiatives and has done so for twenty years. Middle and High school camps and field experiences are held under her guidance and expertise.

Contact Information

Phone: 856-256-5307
Office: Engineering Hall, Room 130

Melanie Basantis
201 Mullica Hill Road
Engineering Hall, Room 130
Glassboro, NJ 08028


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