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Multiple Purchase Options
Tickets can be purchased throughout the season in either pick-3 or pick-6 packages for additional savings. 

The Center is Great for Groups!
Share a memorable and exceptional evening with your business, school, social, or  civic group.  Use the performance as a fundraiser or just as a night of  entertainment and fun.  We'll even book an entire evening's entertainment for  your group or corporation. 

Groups of 10 or more
save $2 on each and every ticket!  Call (856) 256-4537 for more information.  Ask about our new informational video; we'll show it for your group.  The Center also offers numerous field trip opportunities for school children  with our Young People's Matinees.  Call (856) 256-4545 for a brochure.

Click here to view our pricing plans!
Call the box office for assistance in placing a "pick" purchase.

If you require special seating arrangements, please notify the sales person taking your order so we can best accommodate you.


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