Computer Field Experience
Fall 2019


Office Hours

Computer Science Department #330G - Robinson Hall 3rd Floor

Course Description

CS 99300: Computer Field Experience (3 s.h.)
Students are assigned projects in a professional environment.

NOTE: 3 credits of this course may be applied towards restricted electives only once, any remaining credits would count as free electives.


Class Times and Locations

Course Structure

Requirements for this course would include:
  1. Eligibility:
  2. During Internship:
  3. After Internship:
  4. Upon returning to Rowan in the Fall semester:
NOTE: Eligibility for this course is contingent upon instructor meeting in the Spring (prior to starting internship) AND instructor review/determination of qualifying job description in the Fall (after completing internship), where ineligibility may result in student drop/withdrawal or possibly failure grade for the course.

Textbook and Required Materials


The grading components for this course will be as follows:
% Criteria Details Date
10 Eligibility Qualifying Job Description Week 1-2
10 Meeting Meet with Instructor Week 1-2
10 Logs Weekly Detailed Logs Week 3-4
10 Internship Supervisor Letter Week 3-4
30 Presentation Submit/Deliver Presentation TBD
30 Report Technical Report Week 15

IMPORTANT NOTE: After completion of the required assignments in the Fall upon your return, the final course grade will reflect the graded condition of all the completed/submitted assignments. In the event where any required coursework is absent and/or insufficient by the end of the prescribed time, the final grade may result in a "F" failure for the course.


Regular attendance is required and expected by Rowan for all scheduled meetings. PRIOR to an absence where your attendance is expected, you should notify your professor and discuss making up anything missed. You are also still responsible for any missed material and completing all work by the assigned due dates.

For more information on student attendance responsibilities, see the Rowan Attendance Policy as well as discuss with your practicum & supervising professors.

Class Withdrawal Policy

Date Process Transcript
Before 9/9 Drop/add courses easily without forms or approvals Course will not be shown
Before 9/16 Late drop/add with form and approvals Course will not be shown
Before 10/28 Withdraw from course with form and instructor signature Course grade of W
Before 11/25 Late withdraw for extenuating circumstances having Dept. of Computer Science approval with instructor and Department Chair withdrawal form signatures Course grade of WP or WF (as determined by instructor)
Starting 11/26 NO withdrawals except with extreme hardship requests in 1 or more of the outlined hardship categories receiving approval through the process Course grade of WP or WF (as determined by instructor)

Acceptable Use Policies

By registering and taking this course, you are agreeing to follow all Rowan computer and network acceptable use policies for faculty, staff, and students. Detailed information may be found on the Rowan Acceptable Use Policy, Computer Lab Usage Policy, Workstation Use Policy, and Mobile Electronic Device Policy. Or, access all the Rowan Information Resources & Technology Policies and Procedures.

Statement of Accommodation

Your academic success is important. If you have a documented disability that may have an impact upon your work, please provide your professor with a letter of accommodation on the first day/meeting of your class. Students must provide documentation of their disability to the Academic Success Center in order to receive official University services and accommodations. The Academic Success Center can be reached at 856-256-4234. The Center is located on the 3rd floor of Savitz Hall. The staff is available to answer questions regarding accommodations or assist you in your pursuit of accommodations. We look forward to working with you to meet your learning goals.

Academic Integrity and Plagiarism

Plagiarism and cheating in ANY form is considered academic dishonesty and will NOT be tolerated in any of your classes.
Students are encouraged to share ideas and consult with other resources. However, all submitted work (except group work as determined by the instructor) is expected to be fully comprehended and completed individually. Work may NOT be copied in whole or in part from the Internet, book, another student, etc... and allowing others to view or copy your work is also strictly forbidden.

It is the student's responsibility to be fully familar with the Rowan Academic Integrity Policy and the Student Code of Conduct. Students will be held accountable to firmly adhere to these policies. By the act of assignment/assessment submission, it will be assumed that students thereby affirm that they have neither received nor provided any unauthorized assistance with the completion of their work. The CS Academic Integrity Self-Test and the CS Department Academic Integrity Pledge may also be required to be completed with confirmation email sent to the instructor.

ALL academic integrity violations will be reported via the Report of an Academic Integrity Violation (RAIV) Form and will result in penalties that may include a failing course grade and/or probation, suspension, or expulsion from Rowan.

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