The Neighborhood Friendship Streamer Dance

Background: Children use colorful streamers in dancing a story about celebrating friendship in a community.

Grade Level:1-3

Equipment: Four colors of paper or plastic streamers approximately 3 feet in length (red, green, yellow and blue).  Divide the streamers into four color groups that have the same number of streamers.  Four cones to mark the corners of the space.

Organization: Students dance individually in random formation, then in small groups in a line and finally as one large group moving in a circle.


This is a dance based on the concept of a circle pathway and a straight line pathway. Students make circle pathways with the streamer in the air and dance in circle and straight line pathways on the floor.

Each child is given or asked to select a streamer. They are asked to used the streamers to draw circles in the air, over their head, on the side of their body, while turning among other movements. 

Here is a list of exploratory tasks that can be presented to students as they create movements.

After children have had an opportunity to explore different ways to move using the streamer, the dance can be organized.e
Divide the group by color of streamer into four groups, Red, Yellow, Blue and Green and assign each color a corner of the space marked by a cone of the same color or with a sign indicating the color. Use the following arrangement of the streets.

Red Street                                    Yellow Street
XXXXX                                             XXXXX


Green street                                    Blue Street
XXXXXX                                           XXXXXX

These corners are the streets in the neighborhood.  Each group on the color street is asked to agree on a locomotor movement they can all perform to move to the middle of the space, then do a turn with the streamer, and return to their corner. Groups share ideas, agree, practice together, while the teacher visits each group to clarify directions.

The teacher tells the story of the Neighborhood Friendship Streamer Dance that lasted three days.
Here is the story:

Everyone in the Neighborhood decided to have a Friendship Dance that lasted three days.

On the first day of the dance each street showed the dance they created and practiced.

On the second day of the dance the people decided to visit each others street

On the third day of the dance the people decided to all get together and dance together as friends.