Background: The goal of this dance is to create a dance that uses shapes, locomotor movements in different pathways and different tempos. This is a dance that can be completed in a classroom enviornment that has chairs.

 Grade Level: 3-5

Equipment:One chair for each student.



 Each student begins standing next to a chair. The teacher offers the following tasks to provide students an opportunity to explore different shapes and movements they can use in their dance.

Creating the dance sequence
The teacher asks students to select three different positions to sit in the chair that they explored. Identify each position as, A  then B and C.
Students select the three positions and then practice each position to remember the order.
The teacher asks students to start their dance in position A and hold for 2-4 or 6 counts.  Then as slowly as then can change into position B and hold that position for 2-4 or 6 counts. Then as quickly as they can change into position C and freeze still for 6 counts.  Students practice this sequence choosing how long to hold position A and B.

Next, the teacher asks students to start the dance out of their chair. They can stand in front, to the side or in back of the chair facing toward or away from the chair. Next students move from the standing position to sitting position A as slowly as they can like they are melting into the chair. Then they proceed to perform position A, B an C. 

The complete dance sequence is:  Standing position + melting into Position A and hold + change slowly to Position B and hold + change quickly to Position C and hold.

Different types of music can be used to accompany the dance.
The students can add a story that expresses their dance.