Sports Add-On-Dance Students create a dance as a small group


      Students are organized into circles of five or six.  Number the students consecutively around the circle.  Each student selects a sport and an action from the sport and then practices the action using four slow beats.  The action can be performed four times, once on each beat; an action can be performed twice, taking two beats for the action, or an action can be performed once using all four beats.


      The student with the first number demonstrates his or her action to the group and, in unison, the group members repeat the action.  Next, the second person in the group demonstrates his or her action and, in unison, the group members repeat the action.  Then the group repeats the first action followed by the second action.  The third person then demonstrates her or his action and, in unison, the group repeats the action.  Now, the group combines the actions beginning with the first, then the second, and then the third.  This pattern of demonstrating, repeating and adding the action to the sequence is repeated until everyone in the group has contributed their action to the sequence.  The goal is to remember the sequence, perform in unison and maintain four beats for each action.


      Each group then demonstrates their sequence to the class.  Ask the students to hold the last shape still as the ending to the dance.  The other class members can observe the performance and answer the following questions: Did the group perform in unison?  What sports movements did you observe?  How did the performers use their four beats?


      Next, the students to revise their sports dance by making a change in the size or the level of their action.  Each student shows their change to their group, the group members try the change and then the whole group practices the dance again using the changes.


      Next, combine two groups into one circle while maintaining the same order they had in their individual circle – alternating members of the two groups.  The two groups in the circle perform their dances at the same time and hold the last shape until everyone is finished moving.  After they perform ask the students, “How did it feel different to perform the dance with two groups dancing at the same time? or Did you notice any of the other group’s movements?”


      As closure to this lesson, all the students can be combined into one large circle and perform their group dances all at the same time.


Assessment Suggestion


Checklist for teacher observation of each group.



All students remembered the sequence and performed in unison using four beats for each sport action.

Very Good

Some students (one or two) had trouble moving in unison with the other members of the group.

Needs Improvement

Most students in the group were not in unison.