Creating a New Square Dance

Background: This new square dance is presented after students have learned the basic traditional square dance movements.

Grade Level:  4-12

Formation: Traditional Square Dance Formation



The students are in partners in a traditional square formation.  Each set of partners creates a movement and a name for the movement in the following four categories.

Each set of partners names their new move and writes it on a piece of paper.  Ask students to think creatively about a name for their new move. 


After each pair creates their movements, they teach their movements to the other three sets of partners in their square. In this way all dancers know all four movements created by the partners. Ask students to place their paper with the name of their movement near their feet so other group members can read the name.

The group practices the new movements in the following order

Partners #1 call:

Greet  your partner (Instead of the word Greet the student caller uses the word they created to describe the Greeting)

Greet to your corner

Partners #2 call:

All circle to the right (Instead of the word Circle, the student caller would use the word they created to describe the Circle right and left.)

All circle to the left

Partners #3 call:

Everyone Switch with your partner  (Instead of the word Switch, the student caller would use the word they created to describe the switch).

Everyone Switch with your corner

Partners #4 call:

Head Partners Contact  (Instead of the word Contact , the student caller would uses the word they created to describe the Contact).

Side Partners Contact


Now add an All Together- The whole group decides on a move that moves forward to the center of the square and back home and repeats.


Each group  performs their dance for another group or the whole class.  Before the group performs each set of partners to shows their movement and show the paper with the name. After all four partners have demonstrated their movement the dance can begin.

Student created movement samples:

Greet to your partner, Greet to your corner

Circle right and left