La Raspa  (Mexico)

Background: This dance originated in the state of Veracruz, Mexico.  It is performed at festivals.

Grade: K-3

Formation:  Partners facing each other in a scattered formation.  Or partners facing each other using a double circle.

Movements: Elbow Swing, Skip, Bleking Step - Hop in place on left foot, touch right heel forward, toe pointing up,
Push off both feet and end with the left heel forward, toe pointing up. Push off both feet and end  with the right heel forward, toe pointing up. (3 counts)


Part 1. Bleking step - Left, right, left (3 counts) Clap Clap (1 count for the 2 claps)  Total 4 counts for the three bleking steps and the two claps.
Repeat Bleking step 8 times. (32 counts)

Part 2. Partners hook right elbows, left hand held high,  and skip for 8 counts and switch to hooking left elbow, with right hand held high and skip for 8 counts.
Repeat the skip with the right elbow and the skip with the left elbow.  (32 counts)

Repeat the dance several times.


Use light running steps instead of the skips.
Change partners during the last 8 counts of the elbow swing to begin the dance with a new partner.