Shoemaker's Dance

Background:This dance from Germany expresses the actions of a shoemaker, winding a bobbin, pulling the thread, tapping the nails or pegs into the shoe. A ;long time ago shoes were not made by machines in factories but by shoemakers in their little shops. The shoemaker sewed the leather with a big needle and a very heavy thread. He fastened the soles on with pegs or nails.

Grade Level: K-2

Formation: Double circle, partners facing, boys with backs to center.

Movements: Hand gestures, skipping



Meas. (2 counts per meas.; i.e., 1 = 2 counts)

1        Wind, wind, wind the bobbin: (The count is l, and, 2, and.)

2        Wind, wind, wind the bobbin;

3        Pull, pull;

4        Tap, tap, tap;

5-8   Repeat Meas. l-4

9-16  Tra, la, la, and away we go,

          Tra, la, la, and away we go,

          See my new shoes neatly done,

          Away we go to have some fun. 



1        With arms elbow-high and hands clenched, roll one arm over the other three times. This represents “winding the thread.”

2        Reverse the roll and “wind” in the opposite direction.

3        Pull hands apart and jerk elbows backward twice, “pulling and tightening the thread.”

4        Tap own fists together three times, “driving the pegs.”

5-8    Repeat Meas. 1-4.

9-16 All face LOD and join inside hands with partner. Skip around the circle. At end of final phrase of music, stop and face partner, ready to start the dance again