Siege of Ennis ( Ireland)

Background: Ennis is a town in County Clare on the west side of Ireland.  This dance represents the battle when Ennis was sieged.  The dance is known as a progressive dance because the dancers move forward to meet a new line of dancers on each repetition of the dance sequence.

Grade: 5th - High School

Formation: Lines of  four dancers facing each other. Dancers are organized in partners standing side by side.
For example: The dance begins with the blue lines facing each other, the brown lines facing each other and the green lines facing each other. If there is not an even number of 8 for a set the extra set can begin the dance at the end as shown with the black X line.  As the dance proceeds the lines on the left of the set move forward and under an arch made by the dancers in the right set.  As a result the lines face a new line each time the dance is repeated.

A            B               A                B                A                B            B
X            X               X                X                X                X            X
X            X               X                X                X                X            X
X            X               X                X                X                X            X
X            X               X                X                X                X            X

Movements: Walk forward (The Advance) and backward ( The Retire), Slide right and left, Elbow swing, Star


Part 1.Advance and Retire. All dancers Advance 4 steps toward the opposing line of dancers and Retire 4 steps. (8 counts)
Repeat the Advance and Retire again
(8 counts)

Part 2. A.  Slip Slides. Together, partners on the right in the line take 4 slides to the left passing in front of the partners on the left, while at the same time, partners on the left slide to the right passing behind the partners on the right.  Basically partners switch places. (4 counts)  Then retire for 4 counts. (8 counts)

Part 2 B Slip Slides. Partners slide back to their original position.  The partners on the right pass is front going to the left while the partners on the left pass behind going to the right.  Then retire for 4 counts.  (8 counts)

Part 3. Elbow Swing. Dancers in both lines Advance 2 steps and right elbow swing the dancer across from them 6 counts, switch to the left elbow swing for 6 counts and retire 2 steps (16 counts).

Part 4. Advance Retire Advance and Pass-Through. All Dancers Advance and Retire and Advance again.  On the second Advance, the dancers in Line A go under the archs made by dancers in Line B who are holding hands up high to form an arch. Dancers pass right shoulders while doing the Advance steps.

Part 5.  All dancers face a new set of dancers.  If the line is not facing another set of dancers that line faces the group and performs the same sequence of steps.  The next time Part 4 is repeated they will meet a new set of dancers.