Tinikling (Philippines)

Background: This dance originated from Leyte Island and depicts the flight of the Tikling bird as it travels through the rice fields, avoiding bamboo traps made by the farmers.

Grade: 5th -High School

Formation: Two dancers are the clickers who beat the poles and two to four dancers perform the steps.

Equipment: 10-12 foot bamboo poles or PVC inch diameter pole and
a 2' wood beam that is 2" x 4".  The equipment is organized into sets that include 2 poles and 2 wood beams for each group composed of 4-6 dancers.

Movements: Hopping, Jump feet together, Jump straddle,


Part 1. The Clickers. The clickers sit on the floor 0n their knees or with legs crossed. In front of their feet is the beam and on top are the ends of the poles.  The clickers sit about 8 feet apart.  They hold the poles in their hands and perform the three count rhythm. On count 1, the poles are tapped on the beam, on count 2 the poles are tapped on the beam and on count 3 the poles are slide together. The cue is - tap tap close, tap tap close, or open open close, open open close.  The clickers maintain a steady tempo throughout the dance.

Part 2. The Dancers Basic Step. The dancer begins standing on two feet with his or her right side next to the poles.  As the clickers perform the open open close rhythmic pattern, the dancer hops on the right foot in between the poles on the first tap open, then switches to a left foot hop on the second tap open and hops on the right foot to the right and lands outside of the poles on the slide close of the the poles. The cue is - in, in, out.  This basic step is repeated beginning with the left side next to the poles.  Repeat the basic step to the right and left several times.

Part 3. Step Variation A. After one repetion of the basic step to the right, the dancers do a three step half turn moving backward so the right side is next to the poles but on the opposite end where they stepped out.  When this step variation is repeated several times, the dancer will end up moving in a circle pathway, always leading with the right foot. The cue is - in, in, out, back, back, back, in, in, out, back, back, back

Part 4. Step Variation B. A variation to the step is to do two jumps on the open open counts and a straddle jump with feet ending out to each side of the poles on the close count. The cue is - together, together, apart.