Social Dance

Middle and High School

Dances of the Decades
Check the web to locate directions for these dances.
Use Google or YouTube and you will see several sites with directions.

Swing Dance Jitterbug

The Sock Hop
Alley Cat The Hand Jive
The Bunny Hop Rockabilly
The Stroll

The Madison

The Twist (Chubby Checker)
The Jerk The Monkey
Mashed Potato (Dee Dee Sharp) The Watusi The Hitch-Hike
The Pony The Hully Gully (The Olympics) The Swim (Bobby Freeman)
The Locomotion The Frug

The Hustle (1975) Van McCoy and Soul City Symphony
The Bump YMCA (1978) The Village People
Soul Train
The Bus Stop
Disco Dance

Electric Slide 1989 Marcia Griffiths
Thriller ( Michael Jackson) Moonwalk
The Robot The Hammer Dance (MC Hammer) The Worm
Hands Up

Cha Cha Slide (1996)
The Train Rave Dancing
The Macarena Butterfly The Humpty Dance
The Tootsie Roll The Robot

Cupid Shuffle
"Crank That" by Soulja Boy (Some movements in this dance may not be appropriate for use in a school setting)
The Sponge Bob
The Harlem Shake
The Wop          The Wobble
The Dougie

Additional Social Dances
Salsa Merengue

Cha Cha