Circle of Introductions

Background: This is a great activity for the first day of class to build community, use movement to express an idea and engage students in collaboration.

Grade Level: 2-12

Equipment: None

Formation: Single circle, everyone facing into the center. The teacher joins the circle

Students are assigned a partner who is standing next to them. Partners interview each other and find out their partner's name, home town, and something else about them such as, what they did during the summer vacation period, their favorite sport, an activity they are good at doing, or another category.  After each student knows the name of their partner, their home town and identifies an item from the designated category they will be asked to introduce their partner to the class.  The two partners on the teacher's left will begin.  Partner A introduces partner B and says "This is (name) and he is from (home town) and his favorite sport is (the sport is expressed through movement, words cannot be used.). The remaining class members observe the movement and call out what they observed.  If the sport is not guessed, the partner needs to continue to add more detail to the movement to communicate the idea. Then Partner B introduces Partner A.  This procedure continues around the circle until all partners have been introduced.