Freeze Dance

Background: This warmup uses locomotor movements and still shapes and incorporates different tempos pathways, levels, size (range) and directions.

Grade Level:K-5

Equipment: CD MP3 player and music. 8x11 cards with different shape words such as LOW, HIGH, STRAIGHT, ROUND, TWISTED, SMALL, BIG,

Formation: Random

Movements: Locomotor movements such as run, walk, skip, hop, jump, leap, slide and gallop and still shapes, such a round, twisted, straight, curved.


The students move using a locomotor movement designated by the teacher when the music is played and when the music stops, students freeze in a still shape. The teacher calls out a locomotor movement and the music begins. The students move using their own pathways in the space or a pathway designated by the teacher. Then the music is stopped and the teacher calls out or shows a shape card and the students freeze in the designated shape. This pattern of moving and stopping is continued and each time the teacher identifies a different locomtor movement and a different shape .

Variation: The teacher adds a direction or tempo to the locomotor movement. For example: Run slowly  or  Gallop backwards. Another variation is to combine two shape cards such as LOW and ROUNDED.