Imaginary Ball

Background: In this warmup, students pretend to pass and catch an imaginary ball to others in the circle. The emphasis is on creativity, cooperation, and concentration.

Grade Level:3-5

Equipment: None

Formation: Single Circle, whole class or small groups

Movements: Nonlocomotor


Students begin standing in a single circle facing toward the center.  The teacher or a student pretends to hold a ball. The shape, size and weight is determined by their imagination and how they hold their hands.  For example, if the ball is the size of a golf ball, one hand may show holding the ball between the thumb and the forefinger and lightly toss it underhand to another person in the circle. Then the receiver catches the small ball and changes the size, shape or weight and passes their new ball to another person.  If the ball was a huge beach ball, the arms would be apart and perhaps the ball is thrown using an overhead toss.  The catcher, pretends to catch the large beach ball and then changes it into another size.  This process continues until all students have had a chance to toss and catch an imaginary ball.