Shape Museum


Background: In this activity students practice locomotor movements to travel in the space and create a variety of different body shapes.

Grade Level: 2-5

Equipment: Music using a MP3 player or CD player  Spot Markers for half of the students

Formation: Students use a random formation when they are in the shapes

Movements: Students use locomotor movements and still shapes. The movements and shapes can be student choice or teacher designated.

In this activity the class is divided into two large groups. Identify one group at the Shapes students and one group as the Visitors students. The Shape students stand on one of the randomly placed spot markers and form a shape with their body. The shape can be at any level, facing any direction and be any size. The Shape students hold the shape still as if they are statues in a museum. Next, when the music begins, the Visitor students use locomotor movements to travel between the still Shape students. When the music stops, the Visitors face a shape that is near to them and make their body into the same exact shape and hold the shape still. When the music begins the Visitors travel around the Shapes again until the music stops and reproduce the shape that is closest to them.  This procedure can continue for several turns and then the Shape students and the Visitor students switch places and repeat the procedure.



The teacher designates that the shapes represent sport actions, or a shape the student would use getting ready for school, or in the classroom.
The Visitors and Shapes exchange places each time the music stops. The Shapes become Visitors and the Visitors become the Shape statues.