Call "Change" Circle Warmup

Background: This warmup promotes affective qualities of leadership and acceptance; physical skills that include, body coordination, muscular and cardi0-respiratory endurance, flexibility;  and cognitive skills that use observation, accurate reproduction of movement, and visual and kinesthetic memory.

Grade Level:  3rd - 12th

Equipment: None

Formation:  All students are standing in a single circle with a 2-3 feet of space in between each student.

Movements: The students create the movements however, the teacher can offer a specific category and restrict movements that may be unsafe or inappropriate.


One student begins by demonstrating a single movement or a short sequence of movements.  The other students observe and then perform the movements.  The movement is repeated over and over again until another student calls out "change" and demonstrates a different movement.  This movement is then performed by all the students and repeated over and over again until another student calls out "change."  The change can be called after many repetitions or only a few.  Continue this procedure until 10-15 students or more have offered movements.

Ideas for categories of movements: sports movements, exercises, movements that change level, flexibility stretches (static or dynamic), cardiorespiratory movements such as jogging in place, jumping, arms raises or jumping jacks.  Still balances can be offered, dance steps, a creative movement or a daily activity such as brushing teeth, typing, driving or opening a door.

Avoid movements that are not accessible for all students such as handstands, cartwheels, splits, Breakdance moves that occur low on the floor, punching or kicking directed at another person, inappropriate movements of body parts or inappropriate gestures.