Four Corner Warmup

Background: In this warmup the class is divided into four equal groups.  Four students are designated as a movement leader and create a sequence of movements that the group follows. When the music is played the movements will occur and when the music stops the group stop and rotate clockwise to the next corner however, the student leader remains at the corner and is the leader for the new group. Groups rotate to each corner in the warmup. The rotation can be completed more than one time and leaders can be changed.

Grade Level: 4-8

Equipment: Four cones to designate the four corners in the space. Music using a MP3 player or CD player

Formation: Place one cone in each corner of the space. Divide the class into four equal groups. One student is assigned as the leader and stands by one of the corner cones.  Assign each of the four groups a corner to begin the warmup.

Movements: Students choose locomotor and nonlocomotor movements.

While the music is played the student leader improvises a sequence of movements and the group at his or her corner follows. The group faces the leader.
When the music stops, the group rotates clockwise to the next corner however, the leader remains at the corner and leads the new group. 
The leader can improvise different movements for each of the four groups or repeat previous movements.

Variations: The teacher can designate different ways to move such as:
Move in slow motion,
Alternate using the right and left side of the body,
Use jumping or hopping,
Use a movement that changes levels
Only use hand and arm movements
Use only swinging movements
Use only punching and kicking movements
Use swinging movement
Use movements that represent a sport action
Use balanced shapes - decide how long to hold the shape still.