Sports Dance Warm-up

Music: Wow Disney Mania Vol 2

Track 14 Baroque Hoedown (Disney’s Electrical Paradise)

Group - They Might

This warm up is based on a sports theme.  Students begin in self space in a scattered formation facing the teacher.  The teacher leads the warm up calling the different sport movements. 

Teaching tip: Use a large printed list of the warm up sequence and post it on the wall to help remember the order of the movements.  The music has very clear changes in tempo, pitch and rhythm that are coordinated with the different sport movements.  Listen to the music while looking at the sequence to become familiar with how the music and movements coordinate.

  1. Ready Position – rock side to side on each count. for12 counts
  1. Watch the Tennis Match – head turns right and left on each count for 16 counts
  1. Rowing – arms swing together alternating right and left on each count for16 counts
  1. Catching a Fly Ball- reaching high with both hand alternating to the right and left on each count for 16 counts
  1. Basketball Bounce Pass – Pushing down sideways alternating to the right and left 2 count for each push for 16 counts

  1. Football 3 point stance changing hands every 4 counts for 16 counts.
  1. Soccer dribble alternating right and left inside of the foot on each count for 16 counts
  1. Walk forward 4 steps and bowl a ball. Take one count for each step forward and 4 counts to roll then turn repeat the walk and bowl. This will take 16 counts 
  1. Touchdown official signal stretching and bending arms 8 times for 2 counts each.
  1. Volleyball shuffle and bump – Slide 4 counts to the right and do two volleyball bumps 2 counts each bump for 4 counts.  Then repeat the slide and bump to the left, using the same counts.  Repeat right and left again.  This will total 32 counts.
  1. Dribble a basketball for 32 counts.  Use different types of dribble tricks such as under the legs, standing on one foot, turning, and switching hands.
  1. Run the Bases for 32 counts.  Jog in general space and return to your original spot on count 32.