Dessert Dance
(Words and Rhythms Dance)

Background: This creative dance emphasizes the rhythm of a spoken word.  A movement is made for each syllable of the word.  Different categories of words can be used as the dance theme.  Words and their actions are linked together into a sequence.

Grade Level: 2-4th

Equipment: Poster board or chart paper and markers

Formation: Random spaced or organized into a single circle or multiple lines.

Movements: Students create movements to accompany word rhythms called out while dancing


Select a theme for the Words and Rhythms Dance.  For example, desserts, sport teams, music groups, food pyramid categories, colors , states or  bones and muscles.
Ask students to suggest a word that represents the selected category and write it on a poster board or chart paper. 

This sample will focus on desserts. The words selected are chocolate cake, ice cream,
pumpkin pie, and jello.