Warm Up Dances

Circle of Introductions (first day activity)

1-2-3 Warmup

Four Corner Warmup

Sports Dance Warm-up

Shape Museum
Call "Change" Circle Warm-up Dance

Freeze Dance

Name Rhythms

Imaginary Ball Toss

Pathway Warmups

Social Dance

Social Dance Types, Benefits, Planning, and Implementation

Preschool - Grade 2
Grades 3-5
Middle and High School

Cultural Dance

Cultural Dance Benefits, Planning, and Implementation

Shoemaker's Dance (P-2)
Mayim (3-12)
Tinikling (5-12)
Kinder Polka (P-2)
Troika (3-12)
Native American Dance (2-5)
Danish Dance of Greeting (P-2)
Bele Kawe (3-12)
Virginia Reel (3-5)
Seven Jumps (P-2)
Siege of Ennis (5-12) Appalachian Big Circle (3-12)
Chinese Ribbon Dance (P-5)
Samoan Sasa (3-12) American Square Dance (4-12)
Tanko Bushi (2-5) La Raspa (K-3)
Creative Square Dance Video Example (Fall 2012 class)

Creating a New Square Dance (4-12)

Creative Dance

Creative Dance Benefits, Planning, and Implementation

Spaghetti Dance (K-2)
Connect the Spots (2-5)
Umpire Signals Dance (5-8)
Neighborhood Streamer Dance (1-3)
Fancy Dive (3-5)
Sports Picture Dance (3-8)
Circus Dance (P-2) Dessert Dance (Words and Rhythms dance) (3-5)
Sport Add-on Dance (5-8)
Frog Dance  (P-2)
New Hip Hop Dances (6-8)
Baseball Dance (3-5)
Dancing with Props
Balls, Sticks and Hoops

Action Words (3-5) Signatures (5-12)

Chair Dance (5-8)