The Community Ecology Lab Patrick Crumrine, Ph.D.
Rowan University
Department of Biological Sciences &
Program in Environmental Studies

Information for Students
Contact Information:
Patrick Crumrine, Ph.D.
Rowan University
Deptartment of Biological Sciences
201 Mullica Hill Road
Glassboro, NJ 08028
(856) 256 - 4500 ext 3123

Research Interests
I am interested in factors that influence community structure primarily in freshwater ecosystems. Much of my work considers how predator-prey interactions in size-structured populations impact community structure and I have explored these interactions using a variety of organisms including: aquatic insect larvae (dragonflies, damselflies and beetles), snails, amphibians, and trematode parasites. I am also interested in ecotoxicology and much of my recent work has examined the direct and indirect effects of agricultural pesticides on competition, predation, and risk of disease transmission. Students interested in conducting independent projects should check out the "Information for Students" page and get in contact with me.