Soccer Drills For Beginners
This web page is dedicated to soccer drill for beginners. If you are a coach, trainer or even a player looking to improve your foot work you have come to the right place. Below is a list of soccer drills that will help you or your team improve in all different aspects of the game.
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Dribbling warm up
-Cone and training stick ten yards apart
-Groups of 3-4 players with their own soccer ball
-First person in each line will perform a dribbling skill to the flag and back
-When the player is back the next person goes

-Set up 5 x 10 yard grid
-Each player is on one side of the grid with one soccer ball
-Start with basic passing, unlimited touch staying in their grid
-Move to two touch next passing back and fourth
-Competition: First team to 10 passes wins (gets 1 point), if your ball leaves the zone you start back at 0.
-Can increase number of passes to make it more difficult

-Each player has their own soccer ball
-They will start off with one juggle, then progress to two juggles and so on
-If the ball touches the floor they start back over at 0 juggles
-The first person to 10 juggles wins
-Can increase the number of juggles for a winner

Juggling Video

-Each player will have a soccer ball and will line up at the top of the 18 yard box.
-One player will be standing in the middle of the 18 yard box without a ball
-The players in line on the 18 yard line will pass the ball into the person in the middle of the box
-The person in the middle of the box will then receive the ball and play the ball to his right or left
-The person who passed the ball to the middle will then run onto the ball and take a touch and shoot it into the goal, retrieve their ball and go to the back of the line.
-middle person can be switched from time to time