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Chang, J. 2002. Women and minorities in the science, mathematics, and

engineering pipeline. ERIC Digest.

This digest discusses science, mathematics, and engineering interest barriers and strategies for retaining women and minorities in SME and examines how community colleges are working to promote increased representation and success of women and minorities in SME.

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Solving: PISA 2003 Results from the U.S. Perspective. NCESReport 2005-003.

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Why undergraduates should learn about digital information.

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Science – Technology—Society in Local Cultures: A Sociocultural Analysis.” Science Education 83:179-211.

How local school cultures influence teachers’ perspectives on what is taboo and what is proper to include in science instruction.

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and 2000.” EBSCOhost. Washington, D. C.: Elementary and Early Childhood Education, 2003. <>

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Response to Harvard University President Summers’ controversial comments about women and science.

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the Sciences. Colorado: Westview Press.

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About college-level courses online.

Women Science Students and Science Faculty and Staff at the New England

Consortium for Undergraduate Science Education. 1996. Achieving gender equity in classrooms: A guide for faculty. Office of the Dean of the College, Brown University.

Education, Engineering, Gender, Mathematics, Science: Suggestions are made to recognize and change the social elements and teaching practices of SME college classroom/departments in order to curtail the attrition rate of women and minority men in the science, mathematics, and engineering fields.

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