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Social Institutions: Family Bibliography


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Dolgin, J. 1997. Defining the family: law, technology, and reproduction in

an uneasy age. NY: New York University Press.

Includes a discussion on the “social implications of biological transformations.”

Gross, J. 2004. When the computer opens the closet. New York Times.

August 22. Online in GenderWatch in Rowan University databases.

A revealing article about married couples discovering their spouses’ true sexual identities by using the Internet.

Kass, L., & Wilson, J.Q. 1998. The ethics of human cloning. Washington,

D.C.: AEI Press.

Discusses the paradox of cloning and the impact on the construction of family.

MacKenzie, Donald and Judy Wajcman (eds). 1999. The Social Shaping of Technology,

2nd edition. Open University Press.

Part Three focuses on the home and family.

Rubas, Debra Joyce. “ Technology adoption: who is likely to adopt and how does the

timing affect the benefits?”. 2004

Sicignano, Mark. 2005. “Families and Technology”.

Walker, J.R., & Bellamy, Jr. R.V. 1993. The remote control in the new age

of television. Westport, CT: Praeger.

The anthology focuses on the history and social impact of the remote control device. Included essays explore gender differences in using the remote and the domination of the remote control during family viewing.

Wallace, David. 2003. “Gadget Knows Grandma Inside Out.” New York Times Thursday,

Oct. 23.

Living independently, “NurseBot”, other technological innovations for the aging lifestyle.

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