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Collette, L. 1999. Cyberspace: The new frontier for religion.

Cybersociology Religion On-line and Techno-Spiritualism, 7. Online Sept. 1

This brief essay discusses how the major religions use the Internet to serve and convert their members. Cybersociology is a non-profit multi-disciplinary webzine dedicated to the critical discussion of the internet, cyberspace, cyberculture, and life online. Authors include students, professors, published writers, and experts within their fields.

DeLaFuente, C. 2004. The call to the Torah, now heeded online.

New York Times, July 1. Online in GenderWatch database in Rowan University databases.

Describes the uses of the technological to inspire the spiritual via Internet religion conversions courses.

Moore, John. 2000. “Thought Patterns in Science & Creationism.” The Science

Teacher May: 37-40.

Good summary for educators.

Newton, Benita. "High-tech Churches." The Virginian-Pilot 12 November 2004.

Ruse, M. 2003. Is evolution a secular religion? Science, 299 (5612): 1523-1524. Online

The author explores Darwinism as more than just scientific theory; rather, it is a “secular religion” that influences cultural norms and behavior.

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