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Sociology for "Scientific" Eyes
Social Processes: Social Change Bibliography


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Associated Press. 1999. The tribe and the tube. Grand Forks Herald.

This article discusses how television has forever changed the way the Gwich’in tribe of Artic Village of Alaska live, think about themselves, and how they see the world.

Cox, P.A. 2000. Will Tribal Knowledge Survive the Millennium? Science,

287 (5450): 44-45. Online

Cox argues the importance of preserving indigenous cultures from the destructive impact of technological societies for the advancement of the medicinal sciences.

Katz, J.E. 1999. Connections: social and cultural studies of the telephone

in American life. New Brunswick, NJ: Transaction Publishers.

A compilation of works that covers the role of telephone based communications in contemporary American society. Topics include the consequences of wireless communication, attitudes toward voice mail and answering machines, privacy issues, and a survey of obscene telephone calls.

Volti, Rudi. 2001. Society and Technological Change. 4th edition. New York: Worth


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