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Social Processes: Social Interaction Teaching Ideas

Teaching Ideas

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  • Cybernet & social interaction (*E. Babbie, “We Am A Virtual Community”; Woolgar(ed) Virtual Society, Oxford U. Press, 2002, especially Ch. 4 “How Social is Internet Communication? A Reappraisal of Bandwidth and Anonymity Effects” by S. Watt, M. Lea & R. Spears)
    • Effect of anonymity (from a Zimbardo experiment)
    • SIDE Theory (Social Identity of Depersonalization Effects)
    • E-Gateways (new places of interaction) (see also Woolgar’s Ch. 5, “New Public Places for Internet Access: Networks for Practice-Based Learning and Social Inclusion” by S. Liff, F. Steward, P. Watts)
    • Cybercafes
    • Public Libraries
    • Community Technology Centers
    • Kinko’s
    • Computer labs-- dorms, university library, university building
    • Friend’s rooms
  • Interaction in the laboratory (cf. B. Latour and S. Woolgar, Laboratory Life: The Construction of Scientific Facts, Princeton University Press, 1986)
  • Social construction of medicine: the gynecological exam (J. Emerson, 1970, “Behavior in Private Places: Sustaining Definitions of Reality in Gynecological examinations.” In H. P. Dreitzel, ed., Recent Sociology Vol. 2. NY:Collier, pp. 74-97)
  • Sickness as a role (Parsons)

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