John Hasse, Ph.D. AICP

Director of Environmental Studies

Department of Geography and Anthropology
Rowan University
Glassboro, NJ 08028
856.256.4500 x3977
Fax 856.256.4670

Curriculum Vita (PDF

John Hasse, Ph.D. AICP is a professor of geography and Director of the Geospatial Research Lab in the Department of Geography, Planning & Sustainability at Rowan University where he teaches various courses in geography, GIS and planning.  Holding a masters in urban planning and a masters and Ph.D. in geography from Rutgers University, Hasse's research interest focuses on land use geography and the interface of land use, environmental planning and spatial analysis. Professor Hasse has testified as an expert witness regarding issues of land use, urban sprawl and smart growth and his work is recognized throughout the state. Hasse has presented numerous professional papers at national and international conferences and has published multiple articles, book chapters and reports on land use and environmental issues including analyzing sprawl, quantifying smart growth and evaluating the relationships between transportation and land use.

Current Projects

NJ Land Use Change Analysis
South Jersey Commuter Rail Study
Impervious Surface Cap and Trade to Foster Sustainable Growth and Enviornmental Protection
National Guard Mapping Project


Courses Taught

*World Regional Goegraphy
*Introduction to Mapping and GIS[2206-193]
*GIS 1 [2206-360]
*GIS 2 [2206 -
*Metropolitan and Regional Planning [2206-451]
*Introduction to Geography & Earth Studies [2206-100]
*Geography Senior Research Seminar
*Land Use and Resource Development
*Environmental /Sustainable Planning
*New Jersey Planning Practice)

Selected Recent Publications

Hasse, John., 2009  “Sustainability, Consumption, Business and Energy- Urban Sprawl in New Jersey.”  book chapter in Earth Care: an anthology of readings in environmental ethics, edited by David Clowney and Patricia Mosto,.  City of Publication:  Publisher, Date of Publication.

Hasse, John E. and Dornish, Vanessa, 2009, Integrating Impervious Surface Management and Smart Growth Development in New Jersey, Middle States Geographer, Vol 49

Hasse, John E., 2008, Using remote sensing and GIS integration to identify spatial characteristics of sprawl at the building-unit level, book chapter in Integrating Remote Sensing and GIS, edited by Victor Mesev, John Wiley & Sons, London

Hasse, John E. and Knee, Andrew, 2007, Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Pinelands Management Plan, Middle States Geographer, Vol 40

Hasse, John E., Educating Environmentally Friendly Planners, 2007, Field Notes: Environmental Education in America, Issue XIV US Fish and Wildlife Service

Lathrop, Richard G. and Hasse, John E., 2006, Tracking New Jersey’s Changing Landscape, book chapter in New Jersey’s Environment: Past, Present and Future, Rutgers University Press, New Brunswick, New Jersey

Hasse, John E. and Colvard, Charles, 2006, Inverse Distance Learning: Digitally Enhancing a Geography Field Course, Journal of Geography, 105:167-174

Moffett, Donna and Hasse, John E, 2006, Looking for the Relationship Between Sprawl and Water Quality: a Case Study of Gloucester County, NJ , Middle States Geographer, Vol 39

Hasse, John E. and Kornbluh, Andrea, 2004, Measuring Accessibility as a Spatial Indicator of Sprawl, Middle States Geographer, Vol 36

Hasse, John E, 2004, A Geospatial Approach to Measuring New Development for Characteristics of Sprawl, Landscape Journal: Design, Planning and Management of the Land.

Hasse, John E., Reiser, John, and Misner, Jenifer, 2003, Characterizing the Land Use/Land Cover Conditions of Two New Jersey Watersheds, Middle States Geographer. Vol 35

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Tulloch, David, Myers, J., Hasse, J., Parks, P., and Lathrop, R., 2003, Integrating GIS Into Farmland Preservation Policy and Decision Making, Landscape and Urban Planning, 63 (2003) 33-48