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Abdulkadir Hassen

Department of Mathematics
Rowan University
Glassboro, NJ 08028.
Phone (856) 256-4500 ext. 3888





Fall 2014


Modern Algebra

Number Theory

Linear Algebra and Theory Matrix Theory  



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The mathematics Department offers a dual Bachelor’s of Science and Master’s of Arts degrees in Mathematics. For details click here.   



Research Interest      Analytic and Algebraic Number Theory, Complex Analysis





1.       Moments of Hypergeometric Hurwitz Zeta Functions (with Hieu Nguyen), in preparation.

2.       Hypergeometric Zeta Functions (with Hieu Nguyen), (2008)  to appear in Intern. J. Number Theory. (pdf)

3.       Translation with notes of Euler’s paper E797 (with Kathryn Robertson) Recherches sur le probléme de quatre nombres positives et en proportion arithmétique tels, que la somme de deux quelconques soit toujours un nombre carré:  Research into the problem of four positive numbers and such an arithmetic proportion of them, that the sum of any two of them is always a square number.”, to appear on the web at the Euler Archive

4.       On Generalization of Lambert’s Series (with Tom Osler), International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, Vol. 43 No. 4 (2008), 465-484.

5.       The Distribution of Relatively Prime Numbers (with Matt Oster), to appear in Mathematics and Computer Education.

6.       Hypergeometric Bernoulli Polynomials and Appell Sequences (with Hieu Nguyen), to appear in Intern. J. Number Theory. (pdf)

7.       The Error Zeta Function (with Hieu Nguyen), Intern. J. Number Theory, 3 (2007), No. 3, 439-453. 

8.       A Zero Free Region for Hypergeometric Zeta Functions (with Hieu Nguyen),  Preprint (2005) (pdf)

9.       The Riemann Zeta Function and its Application in Number Theory (with Marvin Knopp) to appear in Hissab: Ethiopian Journal of Mathematics (pdf)

10.   The Unlikely Union of Partitions and Divisors, (with T Osler and T. R. Chandrupatla), The College Mathematics Journal, 38(2007), pp. 278-287. (pdf)

11.   A Table of the Partition Function, (with T Osler and TR Chandrupatla) The Mathematical Spectrum, 34 (2001/2002), pp. 55 - 57.  (pdf)

12.   Playing on the Computer with Partition, (with T Osler) Mathematics and Computer Education, Vol. 35, No. 1, Winter 2001, pp. 5 -17   (pdf)

13.   Finite Order Elements of Nondiscrete Hecke Groups (preprint 2001)(pdf

14.   Log-Polynomial Period Functions for Nondiscrete Hecke Groups, The Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. 128 (2000), pp. 387- 396 (pdf)  

15.   Log-Polynomial Period Functions for Hecke Groups, The Ramanujan Journal,3, 119-151(1999)(pdf)

16.   Maximum Principles for Some Second Order Non-Homogeneous Semilinear Equations. Bollettino U.M. I. (7) 5-A (1991), 245-252.(with G. Porru and A. Zeleke)


1.      The Hecke-Bochner Correspondence and the Dissertation of Sister Ann Heath, March 18 and 25, 2008,  Number Theory Seminar, Temple, University, Philadelphia, PA.

2.      A Generalization of Riemann Zeta Function, October 26, 2007, Mathematics Colloquium, Villanova University, Villanova, PA

3.      The Error Zeta Function. January 6, 2008, Joint Mathematics Meetings, San Diego, CA

4.      A Generalization of Riemann Zeta Function, October 23, 2007, Mathematics Colloquium, Villanova University, Villanova, PA.

  1. The Error Zeta Function January 6, 2008, Joint Mathematical Meetings, San Diego, CA
  2. Zero Free Region for a Hypergeometric Zeta Function January 6, 2007, Joint Mathematical Meetings, New Orleans, LA
  3. Hypergeometric Zeta Functions, January 10, 2006,Conference on Modular Forms and Related Topics in Honor of Marvin Knopp’s 73rd Birthday, Philadelphia, PA
  4. "A functional inequality for Hypergeometric zeta - functions"  Feb 23, 2005,  Temple Number Theory Seminar
  5. Hypergeometric Zeta Function Part II, November, 2004 Rowan Math Colloquium.
  6. Sum of Divisors and Partitions, October 30, 2002, Rowan Math Colloquium.
  7. "Multiplier Systems for Hecke Groups" on January 20, 2000, at the Joint Mathematics Meetings Washington D.C.
  8. "Automorphic Integrals and Hecke Groups," on March 17, 1998, at the 943rd Central Sectional Meeting of the AMS held in Urbana, IL.
  9. "Dirichlet Series with Functional Equation Associated with the Modular Group" February 24, 1999 at the Mathematics Seminar of William Paterson University.
  10. "2 by 2 Matrices of Finite Order" March 21, 1999 at the Math-Physics Seminar of Rowan U.
  11. "Log-Polynomial Period Functions of Positive Weight," April 4,1998, at  93rd Northeastern Sectional  Meeting of the AMS, Philadelphia, PA 
  12. "Dirichlet series with pre-assigned poles associated with the non-discrete Hecke Groups", April 8, 1997, at The Number Theory Seminar of the Mathematics Department, Temple U.
  13. "Automorphic Integrals of Positive Weight for Hecke Groups" December 18, 1997 at the West Coast Number Theory Conference held in Asilomar, CA.
  14. "Dirichlet series with pre-assigned poles satisfying a functional equation." June 8, 1997, at a seminar at Bryn Mawr College, PA.
  15. The History of Fermat's Last Theorem and its Proof for Special Cases", April 12, 1997 at the Mathematics-Physics seminar, Rowan University





I was a member of the organizing committee for Number Theory Conference in Honor of Marvin Knopp’s 73rd Birthday, January 9 - 10, 2006, Philadelphia, PA

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