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Fallacies - Game #1

1.      Bill purchases a new PowerMac and it works fine for months. He then buys and installs a new piece of software. The next time he starts up his Mac, it freezes. Bill concludes that the software must be the cause of the freeze  FALSE CAUSE

2.      Jane: "I'll be able to buy that car I always wanted soon."
Bill: "Why, did you get a raise?"
Jane: "No. But you know how I've been playing the lottery all these years?"
Bill: "Yes, you buy a ticket for every drawing, without fail."
Jane: "And I've lost every time."
Bill: "So why do you think you will win this time?"
Jane: "Well, after all those losses I'm due for a win." Gambler’s fallacy


3.      I'm not a doctor, but I play one on the hit series "Hot Docs in Glassboro" You can take it from me that when you need a fast acting, effective and safe pain killer there is nothing better than MorphiDope 2000. That is my considered medical opinion. Inappropriate Authority


4.      Jane gets a rather large wart on her finger. Based on a story her father told her, she cuts a potato in half, rubs it on the wart and then buries it under the light of a full moon. Over the next month her wart shrinks and eventually vanishes. Jane writes her father to tell him how right he was about the cure. False Cause


  1. P1:Bill is dead or he is alive.P2:Bill is not dead. Therefore Bill is alive. No Fallacy


  1. Bill: "Jill and I both support having prayer in public schools."
    Jill: "Hey, I never said that!"
    Bill: "You're not an atheist are you Jill?" False Alternatives

7. "We have to stop the tuition increase! The next thing you know, they'll be charging $40,000 a semester!" Slippery Slope


  1. "I read the other day that most people really like the new gun control laws. I was sort of suspicious of them, but I guess if most people like them, then they must be okay." General Belief

  9.   Interviewer: "Your resume looks impressive but I need another reference."
Bill: "Jill can give me a good reference."
Interviewer: "Good. But how do I know that Jill is trustworthy?"
Bill: "Certainly. I can vouch for her." Circular Reasoning, Begs the Question

   "If skateboarding in Logic class was illegal, then it would be prohibited by the law." BEGGING THE QUESTION

  1. Sam is riding her bike on the Rowan campus, minding her own business. A  Harley-Davidson rider comes up behind her and is blaring Beethoven on his radio. She concludes that Harley Davidson riders all love Beethoven. HASTY GENERALIZATION


  1. "We've got to stop them from banning Friday the Thirteenth Part 56 ˝! . Once they start banning horror films, next will be war movies. Then they’ll ban films with loud music and films where Brad Pitt swears a lot.  SLIPPERY SLOPE

  1. Rowan University: Love it or leave it!  FALSE ALTERNATIVE/DILLEMA

  1. No one has proven that aliens exist. So, there must not be any aliens.  APPEAL TO IGNORANCE

  1. I wore my lucky purple sweater before I asked out Pat on a date. That must be why Pat said we could go see Red Dragon together this weekend! Yeah!  FALSE CAUSE




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