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Short Essay #2 Guidelines:   Multiculturalism

 In your paper, you may refer to earlier articles in order to clarify or support your points.

 Please follow the same paper guidelines as the first short paper. These are posted on the website. The paper should be approximately 5 pages long.

General topic: Your analysis of our readings from Okin's book: Is Multiculturalism Bad for Women?

 In choosing a specific topic for your essay, you will want to look for some particular issue or argument that gives rise to philosophic and feminist criticism. Your paper should introduce the topic with enough summary of the relevant author's (or authors') views to set it into context. You should then present your analysis (strengths/weaknesses of the readings) and discuss possible responses on the part of the author(s) in question. Your own view should emerge from a careful consideration of the author's views and the points you raise regarding these views.

 It is not necessary to reach a firm conclusion. More important is understanding and exploring the issue. My emphasis in evaluating the paper is on the coherency of your explanations and the reasons you present for your own positions or criticisms of others' positions. (See the criteria for evaluation on the syllabus/website and notes on writing I gave in class). Your paper should display an understanding of the relevant discussions and lectures provided on those issues and questions that apply to your topic.

I do insist, on the other hand, that the paper actually engage with the issues and arguments dealt with in this course. Your paper must critically analyze and show the courage to take a position on the issues under discussion. 

I am happy to discuss specific questions you have. I am also available to help you focus on a specific part of the book, issue that interests you and to read drafts of your paper.

Possible Specific Topics:

FGM in the US and Abroad


Court cases dealing with culture as a defense

Tensions between multiculturalism and feminism

How can we be open and tolerant and still criticize certain practices in someone else's culture and/or religion?

Education issues




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