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Short Essay #2 Guidelines

Essay due: April 17, 2002.

  Position Paper or Art Analysis

For this paper, you can choose your own topic and readings to address. Your paper must have a clear thesis that you explore in your analysis. You may choose to write on one article or compare and contrast two articles. In your paper, you may refer to earlier readings in order to clarify or support your points. You can write a position paper (like the first paper) that examines the strengths and weaknesses in a position/reading and offers your own contributions to the topic under discussion.


An analysis of an artwork (movie, artwork, book, performance)

Morality: You have been asked to write a philosophical review for a new journal entitled "Morals, Movies, and More". Your paper needs to be philosophical to fit in with the audience of readers who are philosophers. Your paper should examine ethical issues at work in a film (any film--I don't need huge background information on the movie--just enough so I get the gist of what you're saying about the philosophical themes). Your paper should still be analytical and deal with issues/questions/concepts. That is, writing about a film does not mean you can become philosophically lazy (not that you would!).

Philosophy of Religion: Same deal except the journal you’re working for is “Philosophical and Religion in Contemporary Art” or some other creative title of your choice!

 Please follow the same paper guidelines as the first short paper. These are posted on the website. The paper should be approximately 4-5 pages long (1000-1250 words). You may write on any reading/topic we have covered on Morality or Philosophy of Religion.

 Some possible films:

Fight Club

The Mission

John Q

Lord of the Flies (good for Hobbes)

Beach (ditto)


Cider House Rules (good for ethics of care)

Sophie’s Choice (ethics of care)





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