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Assignments for Introduction to Ethics

Proposed Calendar (Subject to change in order to respond to class needs)

Date Reading Assignment Due Take Note
January 23 Intro to Course  
January 28 "What is Morality?", EMP Chapter 1  
January 30 "A Short Introduction to Moral Philosophy," RTD 1-19  
February 4 "The Challenge of Cultural Relativism,"EMP Ch.2  
February 6 "Cultural Relativism," RTD p.31 and

Writing to Learn 7-11

February 11 "Does Morality Depend on Religion," EMP Ch.4  
February 13 "Ethics and Natural Law" Saint Thomas Aquinas RTD 44 and

Writing to Learn (WL), p.12-21

Seminar on Writing Philosophy Papers
February 18 "The Idea of a Social Contract," EMP Ch 11  
February 20 "The Social contract," Hobbes RTD 50 Position Paper Due
February 25 "Letter from the Birmingham Jail," ML King RTD 281

Gandhi selections (on reserve at Library)

Film Suggestions: The Beach, Lord of the Flies
February 27 "The Utilitarian Approach," EMP Ch. 7

"Utilitarianism," Mill RTD 65

March 4 Chapter 7 continued  
March 6 "Why we have no Obligations to Animals," Kant RTD 205 and

"All Animals are Equal," Singer RTD 207

March 11 "The Debate Over Utilitarianism," EMP Ch.8  
March 13 "The Morality of Euthanasia," Rachels RTD 190 and

"Assisted Suicide: Pro-Choice or Anti-Life," Doerflinger RTD 195

March 18 Spring Break: While you’re in Florida or Glassboro, I suggest you bring  
March 20 Spring Break: along your favorite—Writing to Learn (p.81-90; 52-69)  
March 25 Writing to Learn (81-90 and 52-69)  
March 27 "Are There Absolute Moral Rules?" EMP Ch.9  
April 1 "Capital Punishment," Glover RTD 245  
April 3 "Kant and Respect for Persons," EMP Ch 10  
April 8 "Ethical Egoism," EMP Chapter 6 Position Paper/Film Review Due
April 10 "Famine, Affluence, and Morality," Singer RTD 167  
April 15 "Feeding the Hungry," Narveson RTD 177
April 17 "Feminism and the Ethics of Care," EMP Ch. 12
April 22 "The Idea of a Female Ethic," Grimshaw RTD 83
April 24 "The Ethics of War and Peace," Lackey RTD 235
April 29 To Be decided by Class
May 1 "What Would A Satisfactory Moral Theory Look Like?" EMP Ch. 14
May 6 "What Would A Satisfactory Moral Theory Look Like?" EMP Ch. 14
I hope this course will be productive, enjoyable and fun! I look forward to hearing your views and sharing my love of philosophy with you throughout the semester!
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