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Introduction to Philosophy

Essay Assignment: Approx. 1000 words, 4 pages

I am most interested in your interpretation of the readings and your ability to demonstrate the implications of your interpretation. The essay questions require careful thought and a willingness to engage with the readings in such a way that you can put forth your own analysis. I hope that this is an exciting task where you can learn about your own views and commitments in the process of writing.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to discuss your ideas in further detail or encounter questions during the writing process.

 Essay Questions: Please answer one(Follow guidelines below)

 1.  Examine the following statement from a Socratic point of view and from the point of view of Martin Luther King: “We must accept things as they are.” In your answer, be sure to indicate whether you agree or disagree with each position and why. Your first paragraph must include your thesis statement.

 2.  Examine Martin Luther King and Gandhi’s understanding of non-violent disobedience. What do you think is the proper response to violence in your personal life and on a more global view? When is it permissible (if ever) to commit an act of violence?


 PAPER CHECKLIST (Retain for Future Reference)


v                  Typed, Double Spaced, 12 point font

v                  Page Numbers

v                  Proper Citation for Outside sources: (i) Bibliography, (ii) Footnotes or endnotes

v                  For References to our course material use parentheses within your answers. For  example: I agree with Plato that "the soul resembles the divine, and the body resembles the mortal" (Phaedo, p. 119).

v                  Standard Margins: Do not "customize" spacing to fit length requirements

v                  No covers

v                  Staple in left-hand corner

v                  Proof-read your work

v                  More than 3 spelling mistakes will result in grade depreciation

v                  Include a title page with: Your name, Course name, Section number

v                  Put your name on each page of your work in case your pages are separated

v                  Keep a backup copy of all your work

 Stylistic Concerns

v                  Avoid quoting directly from lectures

v                  Avoid wordiness (keep it simple)

v                  You can write in the first person: In philosophy YOU are the voice

v             No grand introductory sentences please, i.e." Since the beginning of time…"                                                                                                     "Philosophers have been debating this question for centuries…"

v                  Avoid lots of long direct quotes from the text--paraphrase in your own words

v                  Your introductory paragraph should include a thesis statement.









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