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1.     P1: Everyone, including the infant formula industry, agrees that breast feeing provides the best and cheapest nutrition for babies.

P2: Mothers who are lactating are less likely to conceive.

P3: Breast-feeding also helps to space out births.

Conclusion: Marketing practices should not induce mothers who otherwise would be willing and able to breast feed to switch to the bottle.

2.     Explanation. The passage cites a factor to explain why some people find it easier to admit they are wrong than others: greater security about themselves, so that they can own up to making a mistake without feeling as though they are deeply inadequate.

3.     P1: The only way you could license nuclear power plants and not have murder is if you could guarantee perfect containment.

P2: They admit they’re not going to contain it perfectly.

            Conclusion: Licensing nuclear power plants is licensing murder.    

4.     Not an argument.

 5.     P1: Cinema usually just manufactures sensory blizzards for persons too massive to manage the active engagement of mind even light reading requires.

P2 (missing) Anything that does not manage the active engagement of the mind is not an art.

Conclusion: Cinema rarely rises from a craft to an art. 

6.     P1: We should not judge between the dance of the bees, the song of the humpback whale, and human intelligence.

P2/Int. Concl.: Every species is unique in its own way 

Final Conclusion: It is not mere hubris to argue that Homo sapiens is special in some sense.

7.     P1: When unemployment among youth goes up, hooliganism and gang violence goes up too.

P2/Int. Concl.: Unemployment is probably a major cause of hooliganism and gang violence

Conclusion: Gang violence among youth is not caused by drugs.

     8. Not an argument. 















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