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Assignments for Philosophy & Gender

Calendar: Subject to change according to class discussion and interests—Please stay informed of any revisions. I am very concerned about taking student interests into consideration and in adapting to the pacing of the class. We will discuss the second half of the course together in order to modify it according to your own academic and personal interests

Date Reading Assignment Due Take Note
January 23 Course Overview and Introductions  
January 28 Reason and Gender: Lorber, "Beyond the Binaries: Depolarizing the Categories of Sex, Sexuality and Gender and Francis article (See weblinks)  
January 30 Reason and Gender: Nancy Tuana  
February 4 You make me feel like a Natural Woman:   Holmstrom, "Do Women Have a Distinct Nature?" and Christian Women's Declaration (see weblinks)  
February 6 Privilege: McIntosh, "White Privilege and Male Privilege." This is a difficult article that raises serious questions about the structure of society. McIntosh is NOT claiming that whites/males are to blame for discrimination. She is trying to look at how she feels she has been given benefits in society that she didn’t earn by extra work or merit.  
February 11 Marriage: Mendus, "Marital Faithfulness and Staples, "Black Men/Black women: Changing Roles and Relationships  
February 13 Marriage: Weston, "Is "Straight" to "Gay" as "Family" Is to "No Family?" and Graham, "Commitment and the Value of Marriage"  
February 18 Continue marriage articles, No new reading  
February 20 Seminar on Writing Philosophy Papers: Read 41-51 in Writing to Learn by this date.  
February 25 Parenting and Family Life: Gilligan "Images of Relationship" Gilligan has been very influential in psychology, philosophy, and the general population. She is responding to psychological studies done on boys and girls that she thinks lads to the mistaken idea that boys are more ethically sophisticated than girls.  
February 27 Gilligan continued Papers Due
March 4 Parenting and Family Life: Blankenhorn, "The Unnecessary Father" and Anderson "Is Equality Tearing Families Apart?  
March 6 "Men and Feminism: Kaufman, "Men, Feminism and Men’s Contradictory Experiences of Power."   
March 11 Issues of Embodiment: Dinnerstein and Weitz, "Jane Fonda, Barbara Bush, and Other Aging Bodies"  
March 13 Okin, Is Multiculturalism Bad For Women? (Book available in Rowan Bookstore)  
March 18 Spring Break We will discuss which topics we will cover after the break by this date if not sooner! We will discuss group projects by this date.
March 20 Spring Break  
March 25 Okin, "Is Multiculturalism Bad for Women?": Read Okin  p.7; Pollitt p.27; Kymlika p.31 Please have this read for today
March 27 In Okin: Read Honig, al-Hibri and An-Na'im  
April 1 In Okin: Read Parekh, Sassen, Bhabha  
April 3 In Okin: Read  Reply from Okin (part Three, p.115)  
April 8 Eating Disorders: Witt: "What (N)ever Happened to Aunt Jemima" and

Wolf: "Hunger"

On Reserve at Library
April 10 Body Image: Sandry Bartky On Reserve
April 15 Feminism and Art: Linda Nochlin, "Why Are there no Great Women Artists?" One of the most widely read articles about issues concerning women as artists
April 17 Pornography and Censorship: Ronald Dworkin, "Do We Have a Right to Pornography?" and Rae Langton, "Pornography, Speech Acts, and Silence"                                            On Reserve
April 22 Censorship Continued:

Political Correctness and Anti-Feminist Backlash: Marilyn Friedman, "Speech Codes and Feminism

On Reserve
April 24 Preparation for Group Projects No new reading: Meet with your groups to discuss presentations
April 29 Begin Group Projects: See requirements handed out in class and posted on web-page(Click here) No new reading:
May 1 Group Projects No new reading:
May 6 Group Projects No new reading:
May 13 Final Papers due Hand in papers to Philosophy and Religion Dept., Third Floor, Bunce, My mailbox

I hope this course will be productive, enjoyable and fun! I look forward to hearing your views and sharing my love of philosophy with you throughout the semester!

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