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Assignments for Philosophy & Society

  • Please try to read assignments more than once where possible. Make notes in margins or separate sheet of paper and bring these to class. Develop your own fun notational system. I use exclamation points (!) and question marks (?)all the time when I'm reading, for example.

  • Key questions to always keep in mind: Is this theory plausible? Does this theory/idea cohere with my own moral principles? Would these ideas work in our country? other countries? What are the moral principles that underlie this political/social theory? What does the author think are our moral obligations towards each other?

  • Always we are trying to see if the ideas/arguments are strong (how do we determine that??) and whether we agree with the ideas under discussion. Remember we can agree with some parts of a person's argument and disagree with others.

Date Due Assignment Take Note
9/9 First Half of Book One, Republic.

Bring in physical representation of a principle/value you hold as fundamentally valuable

9/11 Finish Book One of Republic. Reading Summary/Reflection Due. Will be collected!
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