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"Is gender a social construct or a biological imperative?"


Christian Women's Declaration, for Class Feminist Theory Website: One of the best resources in Feminist Theory Men and Feminism
NY Times on the Web An on-line version of the NY Times
Feminist News A good resource for news related to feminist issues
MacKinnon/Romano Debate Debate over pornography
MacKinnon/Romano Debate #2 Another story on the debate surrounding Romano's review of MacKinnon's work.
Globe and Mail article on Radical Feminism  
Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy Great resource for philosophical theories and information on philosophers
Incredible Hulks: Book Review of Susan Bordo's The Male Body Book Review of The Male Body. Click on Related Link: First Chapter to read the Prologue of the Book
Chronicle Letter about Susan Bordo Short Response to The Male Body Responses to Katha Pollitt article on Feminist Ethics
Book Notes on Gilligan Gilligan, In A Different Voice, Notes. Feminist Ethics
Body Image Bibliography Resources on Feminism and Body Image
Susan Bordo on Body image Body Image
Book review on Male Body Image Male Body image
Allegory of the Cave (Plato) Important for body image presentations. In this part of the Republic Plato discusses how we ordinarily take images to be the absolute truth. Images for us can be advertisements, tv, media, etc. The cave is our society.
Bibliography of Articles on Free Speech, Sexuality and Feminism  
Feminist Views on Pornography and a Defense  
Library Resources for Feminism and Art Especially good: Peggy Brand, Hilde Hein, Susan Bordo. Also look for anything by Laura Mulvey (film theorist--her views can be applied to other artforms)
Islam and veiling, Click here  
Information on Purdah (veiling in India)  


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