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Quiz Review, Chapter 1

 Argument, Explanation, Neither? Be sure you can explain why. Identify the conclusion of each argument.

  1. It’s easier to train dogs than cats. That means they’re smarter than cats.
  2. Since all Communists are Marxists, all Marxists are Communists.
  3. Some people who came to North America from India for economic reasons are now returning to India from North America, again for economic reasons.
  4. The system was technologically advanced, and yet it was remarkably easy to use.
  5. The tradition of stand-up comics grew out of the coffeehouses of Greenwich Village in the early fifties. Now there are at least six chains in the US, bringing laughter, of sorts, to all parts of the country.
  6. The cause of the sink overflowing is that I got absorbed in the movie on HBO.
  7. I don’t know what to do about my brother. If he keeps working so hard, he’s going to get an ulcer.

For each of these arguments, identify the premises, intermediate conclusion(s) if present, and final conclusion. If there are two arguments indicate this as well. Be sure to circle any indicator words you find.

  1. The film Patch Adams was an illuminating portrayal of medical education because it highlighted the importance of treating patients as people and not just as the locations of diseases. If a movie treats it subject matter in this way, then it is probably an illuminating portrayal of that material.  In case you were wondering, I’ve seen the movie like 10 times already.


  1. We do not know the whole truth about the ballet dancer who died from anorexia because the Ballet company won’t tell us anything about weight requirements and the choreographer just makes up stories that aren’t true. Our daughter has not been eating as much as she used to before she was promoted to the company level. I really think this shows that we should watch our daughter’s eating habits more closely now that she has joined this company.


Missing Premises/Conclusion. Then state the conclusion for each of the arguments.

 1.        High blood pressure is a real health hazard. Therefore, anyone who smokes should really stop immediately.

2.        If people were truly unselfish, they would give as much to worthy charities as they save for their old age. But do they? You tell me!

3.        You didn’t sign up your poodle for the dog show. Anyone who did not sign up their dog by last week can’t come to the yacht this weekend

4.        Many women who consider themselves to be altos are actually sopranos with a relatively undeveloped upper range.




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