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Final Papers, Philosophy and Gender

Requirements and Possible Topics


  1. Must be a paper for this course
  2. Must analyze at least two of the readings we’ve discussed this term
  3. Length: approximately 8 pages, maximum 12 (if you’re going over 12, contact me to discuss)
  4. If you deal with a topic covered in class, you must deal with the readings and lectures for that topic
  5. Remember: There is no final exam in here. This is the last grade I have for you in the course
  6. Must have at least 2 outside sources (one must be something other than a website, i.e.: article, book, interview, etc.)
  7. Must have a descriptive title that alerts me as to what your paper is about

 Possible Topics

            Note: You can write your final paper on your group presentation topic

v     Compare and contrast views on feminism in different countries

v     Embodiment issues and how these are affected by gender, race, class

v     Ethical debates over cosmetic surgery

v     Analysis of again in our society and others

v     Men and feminism

v     Parenting and Gender

v     Impact of gender on our moral development

v     Issues concerning violence and gender

v     Gender and the arts (literature, painting, music)

v     Religion and gender

v     Sexual harassment in the workplace

v     Pornography

 Remember: This is not a research paper. It is an analytical paper. Your paper must have a thesis and must examine the implications of the claims under discussion. Remember to read the essay criteria I gave to you in class.








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