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Dr.  Michael D. Miller
Environmental Analytical Chemist
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Former Coordinator of Chemistry I / Chemistry II Sequence
Science Hall, Rm 316

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  • Ph.D., analytical chemistry (with radiochemistry emphasis), University of Kentucky.Photo of Apollo 17 Night Launch.  Dissertation titled:
    "Precision Neutron Activation Analysis
    of Lunar and Geological Samples"
  • B.S., chemistry, University of Kentucky,
    Honors Program

Professional Experience and Expertise

Environmental analytical chemist with 41 years post-degree experience, including:

  • 18 years teaching analytical and freshman chemistry at Rowan University (formerly Glassboro State College). Coordinator of Chemistry I / Chemistry II program 2006-2014.
  • 25 years industrial experience consisting of  3 years laboratory experience developing GC methods for analysis of petroleum hydrocarbons and GC/MS analytical methods for volatile organic pollutants in groundwater; and 22 years technical consulting and remediation project management in ExxonMobil's Global Remediation Group and its predecessors.  Responsibilities included:
Blue Button providing technical expertise to ExxonMobil operating divisions worldwide
Blue button. identifying appropriate sampling and analysis methods for soil and groundwater
Blue button. auditing commercial environmental analysis laboratories for quality and regulatory compliance,
Blue button. complying with RCRA groundwater monitoring requirements
Blue button. developing methods for statisitcal evaluation of RCRA groundwater monitoring data
Blue button. statistically evaluating waste for RCRA hazardous waste characteristics
  • Continuing industrial consulting in environmental analytical chemistry and hazardous waste determinations

Research Interests

My research interests lie in developing methods for chemical analysis and applying them to solving problems affecting people.  More specifically, over the last thirty years, I have taken an active interest in detection, quantification, and assessing the risks to human health and the environment of contaminants in various environmental media (primarily soil, groundwater, and surface water) and in mitigating their harmful effects.  Because such problems originate outside a chemistry laboratory, their solution often requires multidisciplinary approaches (e.g., geology, hydrogeology, toxicology, engineering) in addition to analytical chemistry (and its related or subdisciplines of sampling, quality assurance, and statistical data analysis), data interpretation (including evaluation of background data) and knowledge in regulatory affairs.

Professional Societies

  • American Chemical Society (ACS)
  • Division of Chemical Education (DIVCHEMED)
  • International Society of Environmental Forensics (ISEF)
  • Association of Groundwater Scientists and Engineers (AGWSE)
  • Association for Environmental Health and Sciences (AEHS)
  • National Groundwater Association (NGWA)

Previously Certified Hazardous Waste Operations Worker (OSHA 29 CFR 1910.20).
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