Grants and Projects

National Science Foundation (NSF), I-Corp: An innovative framework for high resolution quantitative assessment of flood resiliency, Rouzbeh Nazari (PI), September 1st 2018-August 31st 2019, $50,000
U.S. Department of Transportation, Region 2 University Transportation Center (UTC), Ali Maher (Rutgers PI), Rouzbeh Nazari (Rowan PI), June 2018- June 2021, $7,711,800, Rowan Share, $600,000
Armand Corporation: Practical Study of Local and Regional Resilience Planning for Critical Infrastructure Systems and Communities in Coastal Zones, Rouzbeh Nazari (PI), August 15th 2018-November 14th 2020, $152,019
New Jersey DEP, Drone Based Aerial Progress Monitoring of Seawall Repair and Construction Project for Sea Bright and Monmouth Beach, Rouzbeh Nazari (PI), December 13th 2017-November 14th 2020, $72,575
United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Development of Multi-Scale Non-Invasive In Situ and Remote Sensing Techniques for Proactive Waste Management: Demonstration and Training, Rouzbeh Nazari (PI), Jess Everett (Co-PI), Nidhal Bouaynaya (Co-PI), Peter Romanov (Co-PI), Jordan Howell (Co-PI), Christine Nolan (Co-PI), October 1st 2017 - September 30st 2018, $170,000
New Jersey Department of Community Affairs (NJDCA), Impact-Based Decision Making Framework for Community-based Resiliency Planning under Extreme Storm Events, Rouzbeh Nazari (PI), Parth Bhavsar (Co-PI), Beena Sukumaran (Co-PI), Jess Everett (Co-PI), Ralph Dusseau (Co-PI), Kauser Jahan (Co-PI), George D. Lecakes Jr. (Co-PI), DeMond S. Miller (Co-PI), Zachary Christman(Co-PI), Amir Iranmanesh (Co-PI), October 1st 2016 - August 31st 2018, $800,052.00
United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Proactive Waste Management Through Infrared Thermography for Landfill Monitoring and Fire Warning,Rouzbeh Nazari (PI), Nidhal Bouaynaya (Co-PI), Jess Everett (Co-PI), Peter Romanov (Co-PI), Jordan Howell (Co-PI), Christine Nolan (Co-PI), October 1st 2016 - September 30st 2018, $150,000.00
National Science Foundation (NSF), Engaging In Stem Education With Big Data Analytics And Technologies: A Rowan-Cove Initiative, Nidhal Bouaynaya (PI), Rouzbeh Nazari (Co-PI), John D. Moore (Co-PI), Kevin D. Dahm (Co-PI), Ravi P. Ramachandran (Co-PI), October 1st 2016 - September 30st 2019, $ 299,930.00
University Transportation Research Center (UTRC), Evaluation of Simulation Models for Road Weather Information System, Rouzbeh Nazari (PI), Hao Wang (Co-PI, Rutgers University), September 1st 2016 - January 31st 2018, $75,000.00
New Jersey American Water (NJAW), Implementation of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) for Water Resource Management, Rouzbeh Nazari (PI), May 1st 2016 - January 31st 2017, $185,000.00
New Jersey American Water (NJAW), Developing A Geodatabase for Water System Data Collection, Rouzbeh Nazari (PI), May 1st 2016 - January 31st 2017, $135,000.00
Rowan University Seed Funding, Integration of Satellite, Airborne and Ground-Based Infrared Thermography of Landfills for Fire Warning and Monitoring, Rouzbeh Nazari (PI), September 2015- September 2016, $10,000
University Transportation Research Center (UTRC), Risk analysis of autonomous vehicles in mixed traffic streams, Parth Bhavsar (PI), Rouzbeh Nazari (Co-PI), Mashrur Chowdhury (Co-PI), June 1st 2015 - August 31st 2016, $79,960.00
“NJARNG, Rowan University Energy Intern Program & BIM Pilot Program”, Everett, J. (PI), W. Riddell (Co-PI), R. Krchnavek (Co-PI), R. Nazari (Co-PI), 2015-2016, $178,601