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· You heard about the innovative engineering education we offer here at the College of Engineering at  Rowan University, and you would like some information about the college and its departments. More specifically, since I am the department head of the Electrical and Computer Engineering department (ECE) at Rowan, you would like to learn more about our curriculum and program of study or opportunities for a minor in ECE.


· You are a current student unable to register for a class you wish to enroll. You can use our Advising Page to access a variety of information and resources. You can also track your progress at the current ECE curriculum or through Self Service Banner.


· You would like some program information on the graduate programs in ECE. Perhaps, you  would like to work in my areas of research interest, and you are wondering if I have any research assistantship opportunities available. Also visit our new research facility, South Jersey Tech Park.


· You are a colleague interested in my area of research, or you are representing a company, institution or agency interested in a collaboration with our Signal Processing and Pattern Recognition Laboratory (SPPRL).You may also want to see my Publications or Recent & Active Grants, or the people of SPPRL who make it all possible.


· You heard that I have a really cool Wavelet Tutorial.


· You would like to learn more about the Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Iowa State University, where I received my M.S. and Ph.D. degrees, or Electronics and Communications Engineering at Istanbul Technical University, where I received my undergraduate B.Sc. degree.


· You found out that I am originally from Istanbul, Turkey and you have heard such phrases associated with Turkey as the cradle of civilizations, “cultural jumbalaya” or where east meets west, so you are wondering they are true (they are)… See the stunning videos at Turkey.Home. Perhaps you are visiting Istanbul soon and want to know what is on in Istanbul now.


· You have heard about Bodrum, a truly unique resort area on the Agean / Mediterrenean coast of Turkey, or the heavenly Blue Voyage (port indexed stunning pictures) and would like to spend a summer holiday there.


Well, whatever the reason is, the Internet angels somehow put you on this page. So make the most of it, and enjoy… If you have any comments, I can be reached at (856) 256-5372 or by E-mail at

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I have had



As a researcher on pattern recognition, machine learning and classification, it is only
natural that I attempt to classify everything...including those who visit my web page.
So, you are here because...

· You are interested in my research areas, such as pattern recognition,
computational intelligence, learning in nonstationary environments,
ensemble systems in machine learning, neural networks, early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease, etc., and/or or would like copies of my papers or my resume/CV.

· You would like more information on my current NSF funded
research on learning in initially labeled nonstationary environments
, the
2009-2013 NSF funded project on Incremental Learning in Unbalanced
Nonstationary Environments
, or the original 2003-2009 NSF CAREER Award for
Ensemble of Classifiers Based Approach for Incremental Learning

· Perhaps, you want to know whether we have any graduate assistantships
or postdoc positions available
in our group.

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