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SPPRL Areas of Interest and Strength

Signal Processing and Pattern Recognition Laboratory (SPPRL) at Rowan University studies a broad spectrum of contemporary topics relevant to the area of interest. SPPRL’s main areas of strength are


· Multiresolution wavelet / time-frequency analysis

· Adaptive filtering

· Biomedical signal analysis

· NDE signal analysis

· Neural networks

· Fuzzy inference systems

· Multiple classifier systems / ensemble of classifiers—See our Machine Learning page

· Incremental learning—See our Machine Learning page

· Data fusion—See our Machine Learning page

· Missing feature problem—See our Machine Learning page

· Electronic noses / Detection and identification of odorants

Please see our publications and grants for further information.


Please see the call for applications, if you are interested in an RA position for graduate work (MS level) in these areas.



SPPRL Research Structure—Engineering Clinics


Research at SPPRL is conducted by both undergraduate and graduate students, as well as the faculty. SPPRL takes advantage of the Rowan Engineering’s unique hallmark of Engineering Clinics for this purpose. Engineering Clinic at Rowan is an 8-semester sequence where students work on real-world applications and/or cutting edge research. Students from each level, freshman through graduate, work in teams called integrated research and learning communities. Students are given tasks commensurate with their skills and abilities. Each clinic project is supervised by graduate students as well as the faculty. The projects in engineering clinics are generally externally funded typically through industry and/or government grants.


Supporting SPPRL


You may support SPPRL activities in a variety of ways:

Unrestricted support: SPPRL welcomes such supports which are typically used for funding undergraduate and/or graduate students. Unrestricted supports are considered philanthropic giving, and they are administered by the Rowan University foundation. This form of support is exempt from all administrative and indirect costs.

Engineering Clinic Projects: Projects with a smaller and more focused scope are typically funded at a rate of around $10,000 per semester, which includes basic materials, supplies, computing equipment and administrative costs. This is the most common form of funding we receive from the industry, as companies supporting engineering clinics are recognized and acknowledged by Rowan University as Research Affiliates.

Full Research Projects: Any project that has a substantial scope of considerable complexity are considered as full research projects. These projects are budgeted according to the scope, personnel and equipment requirements of the project.

SPPRL Presence Around the World

SPPRL makes its presence known all over the world: SPPRL
work has been presented at  dozens of conferences covering
almost 40 cities /  20 countries around the world! For potential
students thinking joining our lab, this is a great opportunity to
disseminate your work and meet other researchers. For
sponsors supporting SPPRL, it is a great opportunity to get
proper recognition and name recognition all over the world.
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showing SPPRL presence over the world

Classes and Short Courses


The following courses are regularly taught by Dr. Polikar and/or other Rowan ECE faculty:

· Theory and Applications of Pattern Recognition

· Theory and Engineering Applications of Wavelets

· Principles of Biomedical Signals and Systems

· Artificial Neural Networks

· Nondestructive Evaluation

· Digital Signal Processing / Adaptive Filters

· Digital Communications


Any of these courses can also be taught as a short course at your facility or at Rowan Hall. The wavelets course was recently taught for IEEE Philadelphia.





For more information on what SPPRL can do for your company / institution, please contact

Dr. Robi Polikar at


214 Rowan Hall, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Rowan University,  201 Mullica Hill Road, Glassboro, NJ 08018

Phone: (856)256-5372 Fax: (856)256-5241 





Machine Learning research at Signal Processing and Pattern Recognition Laboratory is primarily funded by National Science Foundation 

Electrical and Communications Systems Division

 Power, Controls and Adaptive Systems program  and through the CAREER program,
under grants
ECS 0239090 , ECCS 0926159, and ECCS 1310496



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