Graduate Students [M- Masters; D-Doctoral]:

D1.      M.R. Murshed, 2017, Heterogeneous Anisotropy Index and Scaling in Multiphase Random Polycrystals (Successfully defended on 10/25/2017. This was the very first doctoral defense in the Henry M. Rowan College of Engineering). Hearty congratulations, Ridwan!

Ridwan Presenting

M8.      B. Gilson (ongoing)

M7.      M. Benmassaoud (ongoing)

M6.      M.R. Murshed, 2016, Design Maps for Fracture Resistant Functionally Graded Materials

M5.      S. Jawad, 2015, Mesoscale Conductivities and Resistivities of Polycrystalline Graphite

M4.      B. Raghavan, 2014, Mesoscale Statistics and Scaling Laws in Planar Elastic Checkerboards

M3.      M.G. Al Dadah, 2014, Buckling of Inhomogeneous and Functionally Graded Columns

M2.      K.M. Abed, 2014, Magnetic Fe3O4 Nano-Structured Coatings for Corrosion Protection of Mild Steel

M1.      B. Shehadeh, 2013, Optimization of Expansion Loop in Piping Systems using ASME B31.3


Graduate Thesis Examining Committee:

1.      G. Avery, 2016, Sensitivity studies on the shear lab parameter using analytical and numerical techniques

2.      C. Gutierrez, 2015, A control system analysis of the dynamic response of N-methyl-D-aspartate glutamate receptors to alcoholism and alcohol withdrawal

3.      E.M. Kishta, 2014, Investigation of Submerged Friction Stir Welding of Marine-Grade Aluminum Alloy

4.      S. Abedi, 2014, Evaluation of the Bond and Tensile Strength of GFRP Bars Exposed to Harsh Environment

5.      B.S. Babu, 2013, Thermodynamic Analysis of an Integrated Hydrogen Production System Based on Solar and Nuclear Energy Sources in the UAE


Engineering Clinics/Undergraduate Research:

1.    C.W. Guns, D.J. Campbell, R.J. Altieri, G.C. Smith, D.J. Bede, Failure of 3D printed structures (2014-2015) [best clinic project (research track) in mechanical engineering, Spring 2015]

2.    E.T. Dolan, J.M. Pleban, B.R. Remer, R.W., Mulholland, M.J. Stallone, Design of a hovercraft (2014-2015)

3.    M. Serry, Constitutive modeling of nitrogen-alloyed austenitic stainless steel at low and high strain rates and temperatures (2013-2014) [Published this research in `Mechanics of Materials']

4.  A.S. Dalaq, Scaling and mesoscale bounds on the thermal conductivity of planar random microstructures (2012-2013) [Published this research in `Engineering Computations' and `Computational Materials Science']

Senior Design Project(s):

1.      M.M. Koroukian, M. Pourghorban, S.M. Al Sadi, H. Iqbal, M. Ammar, Design of a single passenger hovercraft [best senior design poster in mechanical engineering, Spring 2012]

2.    A. Farhat, B. ud-Duja, M. Khan, M.F.A. Khan, M.R. Murshed, O. Jadallah, Design of a prototype vehicle for Shell Eco-Marathon (2012-2013) [best senior design poster in mechanical engineering, Spring 2013]

3.      M. Al Masabi, A.Z. Akl, M. El-Maoud, O. Ismail, M. Attia, Design of a prototype vehicle for Shell Eco-Marathon (2013-2014)