C. Stewart Slater
Professor and Founding Chair
Department of Chemical Engineering

Henry M. Rowan College of Engineering


slater cover.jpgEducation:

Ph. D., Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, Rutgers University (1983)
M. Ph., Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, Rutgers University (1983)
M.S., Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, Rutgers University (1982)
B.S., Chemical Engineering, Rutgers University (1979)

Honors and Awards:

2012 South Jersey Biz Green Award, 2012 Rutgers Medal of Excellence for Alumni Achievement in Academia

Dr. Slater was selected in 2009 as a Featured Educator in Chemical Engineering journal. See the following feature article in Chemical Engineering Education Winter 2009 issue.

2009 Environmental Quality Award (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency), 2007 Rowan University Wall of Fame, Excellence in Teaching, 2007 Excellence in Advising, Rowan University Person of the Week (September 18, 2005 and September 22, 2002), 2002 Fellow Member (ASEE), 2000 Campus Representative Membership Award (ASEE), 1999 New Jersey General Assembly Citation (4th Legislative District, June 30, 1999), 1999 Chester F. Carlson Award (ASEE), 1999 Joseph J. Martin Award (co-recipient) (ASEE), 1999 Campus Representative Membership Award (ASEE), 1999 ASEE Middle Atlantic Meeting Best Paper Award (ASEE), 1998 Joseph J. Martin Award (co-recipient) (ASEE), 1997 Campus Representative Membership EPA EQA-Slater and Savelski-2.JPGAward (ASEE), 1996 Campus Representative Membership Award (ASEE), 1996 George Westinghouse Award (ASEE), 1995 Campus Representative Membership Award (ASEE), 1993 Outstanding Campus Representative (ASEE), 1993 Centennial Certificate (ASEE), 1992 John Fluke Award (ASEE), 1992 DELOS Best Paper Award (ASEE), 1989 Dow Outstanding Young Faculty Award (ASEE), 1987 New Engineering Educator Excellence Award (ASEE), 1986 Ralph R. Teetor Award (SAE)

Research and Teaching Interests

Dr. Slater has research and teaching interests in separation and purification technology, green engineering and sustainable design, and investigating novel processes for interdisciplinary fields such as pharmaceutical engineering, biotechnology and green engineering. His area of specialization is membrane processes. He has authored over 100 papers and several book chapters. He has a background in liquid separations such as reverse osmosis and ultra/microfiltration, and pervaporation processes. He is involved in process research and development, system design and separations applications to various chemical processing industries. He has conducted industrial workshops on green engineering and membrane technology.

Dr. Slater is active in the field of green engineering and supported by funding from U.S. EPA for both curriculum development and pollution prevention partnerships with industry. He has developed green engineering education modules for chemical engineering courses and led national workshops. He is working with the chemical process industries such as the pharmaceutical, petrochemical, and specialty chemicals to investigate green engineering approaches to pollution prevention through the use of separation processes; assessed with life cycle metrics. His work on green chemistry and engineering in pharmaceutical development and manufacture was recently featured in C&EN. He is an educational outreach partner of the NSF ERC on Structured Organic Particulate Systems investigating pharmaceutical manufacturing technology. He recently collaborated on a U.S. DOE project investigating downstream separation processes for the conversion of algal biomass to biofuels and bioproducts.

Dr. Slater has research interests in engineering education involving funded research in laboratory and curriculum development. He has held national office in several divisions of the American Society for Engineering Education. During 2003 he served as Chair of the Chemical Engineering Division. He currently serves as Chair of the Publications Board of Chemical Engineering Education journal. He has conducted educational and research workshops for ASEE, NSF, AIChE and NATO.

As Founding Chair of the Chemical Engineering Department, he led the efforts to establish the Department in 1995, shortly after the historic gift from Henry and Betty Rowan. Prior to joining Rowan, has was a faculty member at Manhattan College where he was active in chemical engineering curriculum development and established a laboratory for advanced separation processes with the support of the National Science Foundation and industry. He has worked as a Process Development Engineer for The Procter & Gamble Co. and consults for many chemical firms.

Courses Taught

Reverse Osmosis.JPGFall Semester - Heat Transfer Processes

Fall Semester - Junior and Senior Engineering Clinic I

Spring Semester - Separation Processes II

Spring Semester - Junior and Senior Engineering Clinic II

Selected Publications

C.S. Slater, M.J. Savelski, P. Kostetskyy, M. Johnson, Shear-enhanced Microfiltration of Microalgae in a Vibrating Membrane Module, Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy, 17, 1743-1755, 2015.


A.V. Struck Jannini, C.S. Slater, M.J. Savelski, Experiments in Pharmaceutical Engineering for Introductory Courses, Chemical Engineering Education, 48, 239-249, 2014.


E.J. Cavanagh, M.J. Savelski, C.S. Slater, Optimization of Environmental Impact Reduction and Economic Feasibility of Solvent Waste Recovery using a New Software Tool, Chemical Engineering Research & Design, 92, 1942–1954, 2014.


C.S. Slater, M.J. Savelski, M.N. Ruiz-Felix, Life Cycle Analysis of Solvent Reduction in Pharmaceutical Synthesis using Continuous Adsorption for Palladium Removal, Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part A, 48, 1602-1608, 2013.


D. O’Connell, M.J. Savelski, C.S. Slater, Life Cycle Assessment of Dewatering Routes for Algae Derived Biodiesel Processes, Clean Technologies & Environmental Policy, 15, 567–577, 2013.


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C.S. Slater, M.J. Savelski, T.M. Moroz, M.J. Raymond, Pervaporation as a Green Drying Process for Tetrahydrofuran Recovery in Pharmaceutical Synthesis, Green Chemistry Letters and Reviews, 5(1), 55-64, 2012.


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C.A. McGinness, C.S. Slater, M.J. Savelski, Pervaporation Study for the Dehydration of Tetrahydrofuran - Water Mixtures by Polymeric and Ceramic Membranes, Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part A, 43, 1673-1684, 2008.


C.S. Slater, M.J. Savelski, A Method to Characterize the Greenness of Solvents used in Pharmaceutical Manufacture, Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part A, 42, 1595-1605, 2007.

Recent Research Projects

Sustainable P2 Design for Batch-based Specialty Chemical Manufacture, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, C.S. Slater, PI, w/ M.J. Savelski (co-PI), 2014-2016

Sustainable Design Toolbox for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, US Environmental Protection Agency, C.S. Slater, co-PI with M.J. Savelski (PI), 2011-2014

Life Cycle Modeling of eco-MeTHF and eco-THF as Green Solvents, Pennakem, C.S. Slater, PI w/ co-PI M.J. Savelski, 2011-2012.

Life Cycle Analysis of Pregabalin, Pfizer, Inc. co-PI with M.J. Savelski (PI), 2010-2011.

High Purity Solvent Recovery, Pfizer, Inc. co-PI with M.J. Savelski (PI), 2009-2010.

Algae to Ethanol Research and Evaluation, U.S. Department of Energy, co-PI with K. Jahan (PI), Robert Hesketh (co-PI), William Riddell (co-PI), Mariano Savelski (co-PI), 2010-2015.

Advancing Pollution Prevention in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, US Environmental Protection Agency, PI w/ co-PIs M.J. Savelski and R.P. Hesketh, 2007-2010.

Development of Educational Modules in Structured Organic Particulate Systems (Pharmaceutical Technology), National Science Foundation - Engineering Research Center for Structured Organic Particulate Systems, M.J. Savelski, (PI), S. Farrell, Z.O Gephardt, C.S. Slater (co-PIs), 2008-2014.

Solvent Recovery and Life Cycle Assessment in Drug Manufacture, Pfizer, M.J. Savelski, (PI), C.S. Slater (co-PIs), 2007-2008, 2009-2010.

Workshop on Green Engineering and Sustainability in the Pharmaceutical Industry, US Environmental Protection Agency, PI w/ co-PIs M.J. Savelski and R.P. Hesketh,  2007-2009.

Illustrating Bioseparations Using Colorful Proteins, National Science Foundation, B.G. Lefebvre (PI), C.S. Slater and S. Farrell (co-PIs), 2007-2010.

Pervaporation as a Green Drying Process in Pharmaceutical Development, Bristol-Myers Squibb, PI w/co-PI’s M.J. Savelski and R.P. Hesketh, 2006-2007.

Green Engineering Pharmaceutical Development, US Environmental Protection Agency, PI w/ co-PIs R.P. Hesketh and M.J. Savelski, 2005-2007.

Green Engineering Metrics in Pharmaceutical R&D, Bristol-Myers Squibb, PI w/co-PI’s M.J. Savelski and R.P. Hesketh, 2005-2006.

Engineering Clinics to Advance Pollution Prevention, US Environmental Protection Agency, PI w/ co-PIs R.P. Hesketh and M.J. Savelski, 2005-2007.

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