Materials for BIOL 01104 Section 4, Spring 2019

Course Logistics

This website contains all materials used in BIOL 01104 Section 4, Spring 2019 at Rowan University with Dr. Spielman. This course meets Monday/Wednesday 11:00-12:15 and Thursday 9:30-12:15 in Science Hall 239.

All grading and assignment submissions (unless otherwise stated) will be hosted on Blackboard.

Key documents

Office Hours

Dr. Spielman has two sets of office hours this semester:

In-class Materials

This table provides materials to be used in class, excluding lab and exam days. Note that some materials will span multiple class days, as indicated under “Date(s)”. Additional information for some of the in-class worksheets will be provided during class time. These worksheets are just in-class activities - they are not graded and should not be submitted.

Note that materials are subject to change up until the day of class

Date(s) Download Slides Download Worksheet
W 1/23 Academic Integrity Slides No worksheet.
R 1/24 - W 1/30 Scientific Inquiry Slides Hypotheses and Experimental Design Worksheet
M 2/4 - W 2/6 Representing Data Slides Representing Data Worksheet
M 2/11 - W 2/113 Evolution, Variation, and Heritability Slides No worksheet.
W 2/20 Modes of Natural Selection No worksheet.
R 2/21 Sexual Selection Begin working on Blackboard assignment as class worksheet.
M 2/25 - W 2/27 Fitness and Selection Coefficients Fitness Worksheet
R 2/28 Class Canceled Continue working on Fitness Worksheet.
M 3/4 - W 3/6 Hardy Weinberg Equilibrium (HWE) HWE Worksheet
R 3/7 Adaptive Value, Adaptation, and Exaptation Finish HWE Worksheet. No additional Worksheet.
M 3/11 Other Evolutionary Forces No worksheet

Lab Materials And Assignments

All assignments, unless otherwise stated, should be submitted on Blackboard. DO NOT SUBMIT ASSIGNMENTS VIA EMAIL - EMAILED SUBMISSIONS WILL BE IGNORED.

Note, many labs will make use of Excel. The 2016 Microsoft Office version, which Rowan provides to you for free, will be required to perform many activities. If you need to update your Microsoft Office, follow instructions here.

Supplemental Readings