Here, you will find various materials and useful links (updated regularly) geared towards students and researchers seeking to build the computational expertise we use in the lab.

Just starting out? I strongly recommend investing in the wonderful book Practical Computing for Biologists as your first steps towards mastering concepts and skills in computational biology.

Learn UNIX (command line)

Learn Python Programming

Learn the R “tidyverse”

Learn R and Python with DataCamp

I recommend virtually any lesson offered by Datacamp, an online platform offering free courses in data science topics. The specific skill tracks I’d recommend prioritizing include…

Learn LaTeX

LaTeX is a powerful (but annoyingly complicated) markup language for producing beautiful and professional documents. The website Overleaf, which allows you to write (and collaborate on!) LaTeX documents directly from your browser offers some excellent tutorials to start using LaTeX. Start with their lesson “Learn Latex in 30 Minutes” and expand from there.

Stylistic Improvements