Beena Sukumaran, Ph.D.


College of Engineering
Henry M. Rowan Hall
Rowan University
201 Mullica Hill Road
Glassboro, NJ 08028-1701
Phone: (856)256-5324

Ph.D. Civil Engineering, Purdue University, 1996.
M.S. Civil Engineering, Auburn University, 1992.
B.S. Civil Engineering, College of Engineering, 1989.

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June 2018 to present
Vice President for Research, Rowan University, Glassboro, NJ

September 2017 to June 2018
President’s Fellow, Rowan University, Glassboro, NJ

July 2015 to August 2017
Professor and Department Head, Civil and Environmental Engineering, College of Engineering, Rowan University, Glassboro, NJ

2010 – June 2015
Professor and Chair, Civil and Environmental Engineering, College of Engineering, Rowan University, Glassboro, NJ

Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, College of Engineering, Rowan University, Glassboro, NJ

Coordinator, Honors Program, Rowan University, Glassboro, NJ

Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, College of Engineering, Rowan University, Glassboro, NJ
Visiting Professor, College of Engineering,
Prairie View A&M University, Prairie View, TX

Instructor and Research Associate,
Purdue University, W. Lafayette, IN

Instructor and Research Associate,
Auburn University, Auburn, AL


Consultant, Fugro McClelland and Shell Oil Company, Houston, TX

Research Fellow, Norwegian Geotechnical Institute, Oslo, Norway

Research Engineer, Amoco Corporation, Houston, TX

Consultant, Northern Indiana Public Service Company, IN


Instituted funding opportunities for Diversity and Inclusion related efforts for students, staff and faculty through Research Experience for Diversity and Inclusion (REDI) and Program for Inclusive Pedagogy and Educational reform (PIPER)
Leading diversity and inclusion efforts for campus including implicit bias training, expanding access to a diverse student body and instituting best hiring and retention practices.
Leading the Revolutionizing Engineering Diversity (RevED) grant effort
  • Diversified the revenue stream for the department.
  • Managed a $1.6 M operating budget, which includes salaries.
  • Built an upward trajectory in research and grant funding. The department has the highest departmental research funding on-campus with research expenditures around 0.8-1.3 M for FY 11-17. This year the department has $10.7 M in active funding.
  • Assisted in establishing the first research center within the College of Engineering, CREATEs.
  • Increased the number of URM and underserved students applying and admitted to the CEE program at Rowan by expanded outreach to local high schools.
  • Radically changed admission standards for first year and transfer students to promote diversity in the student population.
  • Developed Advocate and Allies Program for high school, community college, first year, and transfer students for efficient transition, retention and graduation.
  • Enriched students’ aspirations and strengthen engineering identity by providing successful and diverse role models from industry and academia.
    The CEE department has been able to attract high quality faculty to the department and has hired one or two new faculty members every year for the last 3 years.
  • Promoted faculty for national awards successfully including Sharon Keilor award, Aviation Research Award (2012), and Louis J. Pignatoro Memorial Transportation Engineering Education Award.
  • Enhanced the perception and understanding of diversity and equality among students, faculty and administrators to develop a collective intentionality of inclusiveness.
  • The faculty tenure and recontracting guidelines have been revised to include diversity and inclusion as a criterion of evaluation.

  • Transformed existing engineering curriculum of second and third year from a narrow sub-discipline based approach to a more inclusive, system-based approach for next generation workforce development.
  • Alumni outreach was expanded.
  • During my tenure as department chair, I assisted with ABET accreditation efforts during the last accreditation visit in 2012 and continue to take a lead on the accreditation effort at present.
  • Mentored new department chairs.

  • Led and mentored junior faculty in leading large grant initiatives.

  • Led and completed the strategic plan for the College of Engineering in 2015.

  • 2002-2003 Increased and grew the honors program on campus including soliciting external funding, which led to the Thomas Bantivoglio gift


    Active solicitation of private firms, non-profits and governmental agencies to fund faculty research
    Enhanced the Excellence in Civil Engineering Scholarship fund to include active participation of Industrial Advisory Board Members and Alumni
    Commenced activities for Engineering Innovators without Borders to provide technological solutions for the developing world through development of simple devices that will enhance the quality of life
    Initiated fund raising for Honors program, which resulted in the $1 million Bantivoglio grant


    • Co-organizer, First Annual Collaborative Network for Engineering and Computing Diversity (ConECD) Conference, 2018.
    • Reviewer, Middle States Council of Higher Education Accreditation, 2017-present.
    • New Jersey Department of Transportation Research Implementation Award, October 26, 2016.
    • Member, Sharon Keilor Award Committee for ASEE, 2015-present.
    • Division Chair, Women in Engineering Division, ASEE, 2016-present.
    • Program Chair, Women in Engineering Division, ASEE, 2014-2016.
    • Distinguished Engineering Award 2013, New Jersey Alliance for Action for “Field assessment of Geotechnical Engineering Damage along the New Jersey Coast due to Hurricane Sandy”.
    • Editorial Board, International Journal for Service Learning in Engineering, Humanitarian Engineering and Social Entrepreneurship (IJSLE), 2012-present.
    • Program Chair Elect, Women in Engineering Division, ASEE, 2012-2014.
    • Director at Large, Women in Engineering Division, ASEE, 2009-2012.
    • New Jersey ASCE Educator of the Year Award, 2010.
    • Best Paper Award, International Division, ASEE, 2010.
    • NSF travel grant to attend the Microgeomechanics workshop, Cambridge, England, 2005.
    • AAAS-WISC travel award to establish a collaborative research partnership with University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia 2002-2003.
    • NSF travel grant to attend the World Congress on Particle Technology, Sydney, Australia, 2002.
    • Member of the Education Committee, USUCGER, 2001-present.
    • Chair, Education Committee, USUCGER, 2003-2006.
    • Member of the Soil Properties and Modeling Committee, Geoinstitute, 2004-present.
    • Honorary member of the Golden Key International Honor society, Inducted in 2003.
    • Recipient of the Best faculty in Civil Engineering Award, Prairie View A&M University, 1996.
    • Marquis Who's Who of American Women.
    • Norwegian Research Council Fellow, 1997.
    • Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, Inducted in 1995.
    • Phi Beta Delta Honor Society, Inducted in 1992.
    • Academic Excellence Award, Auburn University, 1992.


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